Do Men Ever Stop Thinking? Is There A Masculine Path To Joy?

I was asked recently to write about the path of joy. I said to myself (with a duplicitous smile on my face)…. “The What?”

Invite Happiness Into Your Soul Every Day

What keeps you from allowing joy and pleasure as part of daily living? You deserve it just as much as anyone else.

Letting Go of the Stories That Define Us

Your story is not who you are. Addiction, Love, Pain: They’re merely parts of who you are, not the whole picture.

Sacred Archetypes of Modern Masculinity: The Trickster

In all things, take amusement and laugh because it may not matter tomorrow, and you will be the wise fool.

Top 10 Reasons Being a Dad Rocks

John White’s family means everything to him. They rock his world and here are the 10 top reasons why.

Too Much to Do, Not Enough Time

Of course, having “not enough time” is just a feeling—we all have the same amount of time, but we often fill up the container of our days with too much stuff.

3 Ways That Surrender Led Me From Death’s Door To An Enchanted Life

The journey that transforms our experience from misery to joy is the decision to surrender to the unknown turn in the road ahead.

Quit Denying Yourself the Happiness You So Deserve

Making it through every day can feel like a struggle. Happiness can lighten that load a little at a time.

Celebrating Sexuality With Renewed Respect

Is sex all it’s cracked up to be? Maintaining a level of respect and honor around this part of life can help a lot.

Dear Men: Staying Connected to Your Heart Can be Magical

Attempting to understand what makes men feel happy or sad may be a lifelong journey. Listening to your heart, though, brings many surprises.

Why I’m Afraid of Love

Entering a new relationship, Cabot O’Callaghan confronts his deepest fear.

Life Is Full Of Pain. How You Handle It Can Define You.

How to cope with life’s unfair moments

How a Dad Listened to His Three Year Old Son and Found the Secret to His Own Happiness

Edmond Sanganyado’s brilliant son Tino had been speaking his mind for a while. Finally dad listened and was amazed at what he learned.

Reflections from a 50 Year Old Nobody

“By societal standards, I may look like a failure, but inside I feel like I’m right where life needs me to be.”   The night before I turned 50, seven year old Jett asked, “Daddy, how do you know when you are enlightened?” I told him that nothing bothers you because the “you” who you […]

Three Words to Help Mend a Man’s Heart

Are you feeling disconnected from your own heart? Consider these three words and develop a healing road map back to living.

The Face of Joy

Where does pure joy come from? John Faithful Hamer can tell you.