The Importance of Being Authentic

It may not always be easy, but the benefits are truly worth it.

Are You Having Fun In Your Relationship?

The vagaries of life can teach us much. Steven Lake had a serious accident that brought a new level of fun into his life.

Dream Again: 3 Things You Absolutely Need To Destroy First

It takes a conscious decision to know that I have and am failing forward–that it is a result, and not an end result.

7 Simple Things Guys Should Be Doing For Your Partner Every Day

If you are intentional, you can make your partner feel loved every day by doing some simple things.

The Mistake That Nearly Cost Me My Marriage

The strongest marriages are the ones that can take on adversity, grow through it, and turn it into triumph.

Is Your Relationship Too Serious?

To improve your relationship, Daniel Dowling believes you should play around more … with your partner, of course.

What’s On Your To Be List?

Theresa Byrne asks you to ditch a yearly goals or to do list, and add a “To Be” list? — The fun thing about being a grown up is that we get to make up our own rules.  While I’ve spent a lot of time in the past creating lists of goals, business objectives, outcomes, and plans then […]

The Greatest “Brady Bunch” Story of 2015

First he was a solo tough detective helping some kids. Then he became a dad. Then they became a family. A big, big family.

The Greatest Gift You Can Give This Year

Embed from Getty Images Theresa Byrne wants you to be a giver this year. A giver TO yourself and a giver OF yourself  — I believe each of us showed up on the planet for a reason. Along the way, there are lots of fun and quirky spiritual laws we get to learn and practically apply in […]

The One Question to Ask Yourself to Be a Better Man

Looking back, I realize I thought I was doing well, but in fact, I wasn’t.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

A final Christmas Eve message from The Good Men Project and Slade: Merry Christmas Everyone!

Why I’m Smiling

I don’t smile because things are perfect. I smile because, for a painfully long time, they weren’t.

7 Essentials for Guys to Get and Stay in Shape After 40

Just because a man is over 40 doesn’t mean he’s close to being finished.

The Grinch Revisted?

Theresa Byrne asks how you see the Christmas season and if you changed how you saw it, would it change?

5 Things Your Kids Learn by What You Do, Not What You Say

These are complicated subjects, and each of our circumstances is different. However, it’s important to get honest with yourself–only you know what you want your kids to learn from your example.

Do Men Ever Stop Thinking? Is There A Masculine Path To Joy?

I was asked recently to write about the path of joy. I said to myself (with a duplicitous smile on my face)…. “The What?”