Shame on UCLA for Tolerating Anti-Semitism


A UCLA alumna explains why she is disappointed that her alma mater isn’t taking a stronger stance against anti-Semitism.

ISIS. The next big US Middle East War?

ISIS kills

Should America lead the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and can we live with the consequences if we don’t?

Do You Know How Religious Texts are Used to Justify Persecution?

Religious Texts Justify persecution  vidalia_11:Flickr

Dr. Warren J. Blumenfeld has compiled the evidence to show us how it is done.

The One Thing Crucial to Moving Forward After Being Hurt


The hardest part of moving forward is allowing ourselves to forgive, Orin J Hahn has a few role models on why that is the most important step.

Is God Really An Old White Dude Sitting On A Cloud In Heaven?


Edie Weinstein questions the deeply instilled version of God in favor of the God of her understanding.

Time to Reflect: Inner Work on Purim


Jacob Max Winkler offers this contemplative piece, inviting you to see where you might fit in the story of Purim. How might you grow by considering these things this weekend?

A 13-Year-Old Explains Marriage Equality…at His Bar Mitzvah

A Bar Mitzvah lesson to remember.

During his Bar Mitzvah, this young man teaches a lesson about love that many people would like to ignore.

My Father Taught Me that Women Count and It’s Okay for Girls to Get Dirty

father and child

Edie Weinstein had a tough South Philly Street Kid father who showed her that being a woman was a good thing.

What Happens When an Atheist Dad Talks to His Kid About God

What Happens When an Atheist Dad Talks to His Kid About God

Dave Lesser doesn’t believe in God, but does his best to keep an open mind when his kids ask the big questions about religion.

An Open Letter To Atheists: Why You Scare Me Lately


Jeremy Gross has noticed a menacing trend among the ranks of atheist activists. This is his plea for mutual tolerance.

The Real Miracle of Hanukkah


When his boss threatened to fire him, Jeremy Gross realized the true meaning of the Jewish Festival of Lights.

The World is On Fire


Jeremy Gross lost his job and found a new land within himself.

Circumcised at 99


David Karpel, an Orthodox Chassidic Jew, on what circumcision means in his religion and family.

The Jewish Guy at Mass


Pete Wilgoren reflects on raising children in a mixed religion family

Seriously, Why Do We Marry?


No. Really. The real reason. Not the one we keep hearing about. We should talk instead about the one we actually know is true.

When Bad Men Do Good Things

Katherine Sandoz, when bad men do good things, evil that men do, men's rights

Can people be so tainted that even when they do a good deed, it somehow isn’t?