Guys… Stop Being Judgmental Jerks

Do you refrain from sitting in judgment of your fellow man for what you see as his economic, athletic, sexual, academic, physical or other deficiencies?

Is Online Dating Creating a Super Breed of Serial Daters?

Joshua Pompey thinks that the proliferation of online dating sites in modern dating culture is making for an overly picky generation of serial daters.

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Ministers are the last people you think might consider leaving church, but I’m one of them.

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Author Karen Jones gives you great advice to help you re-think everyday problems with your man.

The Stuff People Spend Money On

Christian Clifton believes we should strive towards a world that is less judmental. And that includes not judging how people spend their own money.

What Was the Most Important Thing People Learned in the 20th Century?

Robert Fuller believes the most important learning of the century was disabusing ourselves of the notion that some people are inferior.

Hurt People Hurt People: Infidelity and Self-Deception

‘Hurt people hurt people’ explains, but does not pardon, the damage done by those who cheat on their partners.

Shame Is Why We Fight

When a man can’t soothe his woman’s anxieties, he has failed to protect her. And in our culture of masculinity, failed men are expendable.

Watch Your Mouth

Why something that sucks shouldn’t be a bad thing.

The Circumcised Poet and Other Tales

No matter what has been cut away, what remains is whole.

Stay and Play: A Guide to Etiquette

You can’t just dump your kids off and start drinking. What do you think this is, the Chuck E. Cheese?

“The power of public shaming isn’t in what they use to shame you with, but the fact they are trying to shame you at all.”

This comment was from HeatherN on the post “Newsflach: Posting Naked Pics on Facebook Could Get You in Trouble!”

How Do You Convince Yourself Not to Follow Your Desire?

Stop making excuses, Mark Manson writes, and just be yourself.