Sports Explained: Karate and Kung Fu

Jackie Chan - GMP

From Daniel-san to Jackie Chan to Kung Fu Panda, Mike Kasdan shows you how you can achieve balance of mind and body, and ultimately levitate through bamboo forests (or at least break three two by fours with a single chop).

Two-Time Olympic Judo Champion Jailed For Rape


In a case that is rocking Japan’s sports culture, one of its heroes is currently behind bars on very serious rape charges.

My Journey from the Gym to the Gym


Bill Caudill overcomes his old fears of the gym … at the gym.

My Last Fight


As a boy, John Reed found that learning to fight was an outlet for him. But fighting was a harder habit to break than he thought.

Man-to-Man with USA Judo Champion and Future Olympian, Nick Delpopolo

Nick 1

Cameron Conaway picks Nick Delpopolo’s brain on judo, friendship and leading a balanced life.

Pink Wars

Photo by v a i r o j

Dr. Damon Young asks that we free pink from its bondage to only one gender.