American Action Forum Thinks Crackdown on Prison Rape is Too Costly

Julie Gillis has no words to describe her horror at the American Action Forum’s stance that the Department of Justice’s plan to reduce rates of prison rape is too expensive.

Brian Presley and Melissa Stetten: Two Jerks Don’t Make a Right

Joanna Schroeder resents that passive-aggressive live-tweeter Melissa Stetten is being held up as some sort of model of feminist activism.

“Can Sexual Harassment Be Funny?”

Comment of the day from MediaHound on Julie Gillis’ “What’s So Funny About That?” Open Thread Discussion.

Open Thread: What’s So Funny About That???

Julie Gillis wonders: When does humor go too far?

“If men and women could see the sex drive as similar to the hunger drive, perhaps we’d not be so hard on each other.”

the ones who aren’t hungry would never say to the spouse, “You can’t eat, I”m not hungry, I won’t cook for you, I won’t dine out with you.” Comment by Julie Gillis on Men and their Inner Goat.

Courage: We Cannot Exist Without Each Other

Julie Gillis shares a story about courage and compassion and why she believes it’s important to humanity.

“A good place to start looking for common ground in the gender debate is the issue of identity.”

This comment was by Anthony Zarat on the post Dirt Under Our Nails by Julie Gillis

Dirt Under Our Nails

Julie Gillis witnessed the moment where broken hearts begin. She wonders what can we all do to fix them, together.

Social Justice Is The Flavor Of The Month!

Julie Gillis applauds Ben & Jerry for supporting gay marriage with their new flavor, Apple-y Ever After.

Prisons Of The Mind, Dementia In Aging Inmates

Julie Gillis reflects on how trusting prisoners with the care of inmates affected by dementia increases their ability for compassion.

College Courses On Human Sexuality: Education or Titillation?

Joanna Schroeder thinks education should include more talk about sexuality, but wonders if some of these courses take things a bit too far.

Call for Submissions: Polyamory/Fidelity

A double header. Two themes, one call.

Each Other’s Skin

Julie Gillis finds value in imagining what it would be like to be other people.

I Don’t Care What You Call It: Sexual Violence Against Men and the Pain of Being Invisible

The language of abuse doesn’t really matter, Brian C. Rideout writes. Instead, we need to focus on helping and allowing the victims to heal.

“A story told well changes the teller and the listener. It’s that simple.”

This comment was from Tom Matlack to Julie Gillis on The Bachelor, Feminism and China

Heresy, Rape Statistics, and Getting Away from the Poles

Until we regulate rape statistics, Julie Gillis writes, sexual violence will never be accounted for what it really is: diverse.