#LoveWins on #MarriageEquality Because of One Brave Man: Justice Anthony Kennedy

The four liberal judges on the Supreme Court were expected to support marriage equality, but the fifth is going to take a lot of flak for it. A doff of the hat to Justice Anthony Kennedy.

Texas Attorney General Openly Defends Partisan Rigging of Voting Districts

State Attorney General Greg Abbott mounts defense of re-districting plan as based on party discrimation, rather than racial discrimination.

Supreme Court Rules DNA Can Be Taken From Arrestees Without a Warrant

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled it was legal for a DNA swab to be taken from anyone arrested for a serious crime.

OVERVIEW: Supreme Court Hearing on Proposition 8

There are 9 states and the District of Columbia that have legalized gay marriage, and 38 states that have legislation that bans it.

On Homophobia: The Elephant in the Room

Tom Gaultieri examines the ways in which homophobia, not the constitution, have historically dictated laws about homosexuality.

Supreme Court Rules Jailhouse Strip Searches Legal

Mark D. White examines the today’s Supreme Court ruling about the legality of strip searches in US jails.