Sentenced to Wait: Efforts to End Prison Rape Stall Again

The Prison Rape Elimination Act was passed in Washington 2003. It still hasn’t been fully implemented.

Watch: Eric Holder Vows Criminal Charges Against Banks, ‘No Such Thing as Too Big to Jail’

Holder said he is personally monitoring the ongoing investigations into financial institutions and is “resolved to seeing them through.”

The Sweeping Presidential Power to Help Prisoners That Holder Didn’t Mention

In unveiling the new “smart on crime” initiative, US Attorney General Eric Holder skipped mention of the sweeping power the president has to shorten or forgive a federal prisoner’s sentence.

US Attorney General Set to Announce End to Mandatory Minimum Sentences for Non-Violent, Low-Level Drug Charges

Attorney General Eric Holder is calling for major changes to the nation’s criminal justice system.

Pentagon Working to Revise Benefits for Same-Sex Spouses

The Pentagon is currently reviewing a plan that would give same-sex spouses of military personnel full marriage benefits.

Obama Administration Ready to Fight Back as Voter ID Laws Sweep the Nation

When the Supreme Court struck down a key part of the Voters Rights Act of 1965, Texas attorney general Greg Abbott tweeted just 20 minutes later “I’ll fight #Obama’s effort to control our elections.”

Justice Department Head Resolves to Protect Voting Rights

Holder vows to challenge voter suppression efforts after Supreme Court ruling

GOP Congressman Supports Move to Restore Voting Rights Act In Texas

Sensenbrenner says Justice Department move is consistent with Voting Rights Act; increased litigation “major consequence” of SCOTUS ruling

Feds Won’t Go Undercover to Prove Housing Discrimination

HUD studies have found that African Americans and Latinos are discriminated against in one of every five home-buying encounters and one in every four attempts to rent an apartment.

Justice Department Will Ask Court To Reinstate Voting Rights Act In Texas

Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the Justice Department “will ask a federal court in Texas to subject the State of Texas to a preclearance regime similar to the one required by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.”

FBI to State of Florida: Do Not Release Evidence From Zimmerman Trial

The gun used to kill Trayvon Martin and other evidence from the trial of George Zimmerman will be held by the Justice Department.

Mississippi Supreme Court Denies Death Row Inmate DNA Testing of Evidence

According to Andrew Cohen of the Atlantic, “the specters of racial bias, a faulty confession and untested scientific evidence have haunted this case.”

First Black Heavyweight Champion’s Family Seeks Pardon Almost 100 Years After Conviction

Jack Johnson’s niece said, “The color of your skin should not determine who you, or how you, love.”

FBI Opens Over 100 Civil Rights Era Cold Cases

Many had high hopes, but after nearly 8 years there are still very few answers.

Congressional Republicans Argue DOMA is Valid Because Same-Sex Couples Can’t Get Pregnant “Accidentally”

The argument has been around for at least 10 years, and has been central to almost every same-sex marriage case ever ruled on.

Texas Bank to Pay Back Nearly $1 Million to Latino Customers After Discrimination Allegations

Texas Champion Bank of Alice has reached a settlement to pay beck thousands of Latino customers after it was discovered they were charging people higher interest on loans based on race.