Tweets of the Day: Sports, Pipes, and a Fast Food World

See what some of our writers are saying on Twitter!

“Because Ferguson” and the History of the “Because X” Meme

Justin Cascio looks at one of the most prevalent neologisms to emerge from social media, and how it works in social justice writing.

Miracles In The Starving Time

The world is starting to wake up in Western Massachusetts, and after major surgery, Justin Cascio is too.

Manning Up: Transsexual Men on Finding Family, Brotherhood, and Themselves

A new book brings together a diverse range of trans*male voices to share their stories of how they became the men that they are.

Men: Do You Know Your Sh*t?

What you don’t know about healthy bowel function could kill you.

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Trans Person (That Have Been Said to Me)

What not to say to a patient, client, co-worker, friend of a friend, networking contact, first date, or other acquaintance who is transgender.

Trans 101: What is the Process to Change One’s Sex?

Justin Cascio answers the question, what is the process of transition for a trans person? (Hint: there is no process)

Fire in Belen, Peru

Two children are dead and three are missing after a massive fire rips through an impoverished Peruvian community.

Why Do Good People Cheat? 12/21

For almost as long as marriage has existed, so has adultery.

The Cross in the Closet: A Review

If you are on the fence about the compatibility of your religion and the LGBTQ community, Timothy Kurek’s “The Cross in the Closet” is a worthwhile read.

Paleo Podcast Discusses Why Americans Are So Fat

Experts from the Paleolithic health community debate the merits of an article by GMP’s Justin Cascio.

Sharing 50-50

Being in a partnership means believing that you each deserve half of the value you create together.

The Best of GMP’s Sex and Sexuality

The Editors’ Picks for our favorite articles on Sex and Sexuality: From porn, to embracing sexuality, to strip clubs, to Coming Out stories… Did we miss any of your favorites?

Conan O’Brien’s Joke About Olympic Female Weight Lifter Holley Mangold Isn’t Funny

A tweet from Justin Cascio of The Good Life to Conan O’Brien asks the comedian a question many have been wondering…

Titans Receiver O.J. Murdock Apparent Suicide

Justin Cascio examines the high cost of fame, including the apparent suicide of O.J. Murdock.

Hotsagram: Addictive For No Good Reason

Joanna Schroeder talks about the newest incarnation of ‘Hot or Not’ and muses on whether objectification like this is good for society.