What Happens When the Christian Right Turns Left?


Filmmaker Kevin O’Brien challenges conservative church views on LGBT issues in the upcoming comedy, “At The End Of The Day.”

Pope Attacks LGBT Equality in Christmas Speech

Pope Benedict XVI

When someone like Pope Benedict scorns the very basis for the conversation about LGBT equality (and during an address that is meant to focus on Christmas), I have little hope that we’re making significant progress in the effort to heal.

Gays vs Christians, Bill O’Reilly and Pat Robertson


Justin was raised in a conservative evangelical culture, and around the time he reached puberty realized he was gay. He has since found a call from God in his ministry of reconciliation between those in the LGBT community and those in the church currently wrestling with issues of sexual identity.

Coming Out of the Cyber Closet

cyber closet

YouTube videos are just one way LGBT people are utilizing the Internet as an integral part of the coming-out process.