The Many Things that are Wrong with A&E’s “Beyond Scared Straight” Program


The hit series from Disney’s A&E Network became the most watched original series launch in the network’s history with an audience of 3.7 million people.

‘Kids-for-Cash’ Documentary a Reminder of Continuing Problems in Juvenile Justice Systems


An eye-opening and heart-wrenching portrayal of juvenile ‘justice’ through the eyes of a child.

Nell Bernstein and the Abolition of Juvenile Prisons


“The statistic is horrific. One in three children will be arrested by the time they are 23 and many of them will spend time in detention centers, actually prisons, who do little to rehabilitate. In fact, each year some two million children are arrested in this country.”

At ‘Wit’s End’: Scared Straight Programs Remain Popular Among Parents Despite Warnings


Despite evidence that scared straight-type programs are ineffective and can even be harmful in the long run, many parents continue to turn to local jails for help when it comes to behavioral issues with their children.

Growing Number of States Moving Away from Juvenile Solitary Confinement

juvenile justice-by Uncle Bex-flickr

Behold the landscape of juvenile solitary confinement, and how quickly it can change.

Cage of Mirrors: The Violent Solitude of Life in Solitary Confinement


Dant’e Cottingham, Inmate #259241, about his struggles and triumphs while being incarcerated.

Young, Indigenous and Imprisoned, Australia’s National Disgrace


The deep, systemic problems within Australia’s juvenile justice system.

Let’s Change How Police Question Young Suspects


Juveniles are particularly vulnerable to the coercive (and often unlawful) techniques of law enforcement officials.

Troubled Teens and the Value of Meaningful Relationships


How relationships can infuse troubled, at-risk youth with hope and self-worth.

Boys in Custody and the Women Who Abuse Them


The older authority figure wins the trust of the young target by cultivating a false friendship, having heart-to-heart conversations, giving gifts, offering protection. And then the sex ensues, sometimes forced, sometimes seemingly consensual.

Incarcerated Youth Write the Stories of Their Lives

InsideOUT Writers

A writing and mentoring program in Los Angeles for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated youth is changing their lives from the inside out.