NFL Diary: Week 11

Week 11 of his NFL Diary is all about the Broncos and Chiefs. Ryan Bradley breaks down what we learned from Sunday night’s showdown.

NFL Diary: Week 10

Some fans root for teams to go undefeated. Ryan Bradley’s more interested in who might go winless. He was sorely disappointed by Week 10.

NFL Diary: Week 8

The season is halfway home and it’s time to distribute some hardware. In Week 8 of his NFL Diary, Ryan Bradley hands out his first half awards.

NFL Diary: Week 4

Vince Wilfork is done for the season, the Saints expose the Dolphins, and Kiko Alonso performing just as Ryan Bradley predicted. Week 4 of the NFL Diary.

NFL Diary: Week 2

Can Eli turn it around? Why did Jason Garrett settle for the field goal? Are the Seahawks really that good? Ryan Bradley runs down Week 2 in the NFL.

2013 NFL Preview: AFC South and West

Ryan Bradley continues his 2013 NFL preview with the AFC South and West.

It Turns Out Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins Weren’t Fighting Over Paternity

Reports of a fight over little Zoey’s paternity have been denied. Liam Day deconstructs them for the journalistic problems they expose.

What if Jovan Belcher’s Friends Spoke Up?

Jovan Belcher and Kassandra Perkins were in an abusive relationship. Almost no one said anything.

A Father’s Pledge to Help End Domestic Violence

Jason Greene commits to being a role model for his children about how to end domestic violence.

Is Football Heroic? Jovan Belcher, Violence, and Masculinity

Is the masculine power the makes football exhilarating, the same destructive force that killed Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins?

We Don’t Talk: Jovan Belcher and Kasandra Perkins

Liam Day wonders if the tragedy in Kansas City was a part of society’s expectations that men be strong and silent.

Kansas City Chiefs Player Kills Girlfriend and Commits Suicide

A linebacker for the Chiefs shot his girlfriend and then himself at 8 a.m. this morning.

The NFL’s Revenue-Sharing System Fails its Fans

Liam Day wonders: What if any time a team loses a game, they have to pay a losing tax?

Michael Oriard: Ordinary NFL Player, Extraordinary Man

Michael Oriard spent only four years in the NFL, but he has left behind a far more notable legacy than many of his contemporaries: the best memoir written by a professional football player, and one that’s more relevant now than ever.

The Buffalo Bills and the Depreciating Expectations of a Fan’s Masochism

Buffalo Bills’ fans’ expectations and hopes are continuously and perpetually disappointed. But that doesn’t mean they stop hoping.

Good Men Picks: NFL Wildcard Weekend

This week we’re using the good folks at Google to help us to decide.