GOP Co-Sponsor of DOMA Has Change of Heart After Son Comes Out as Gay

So after two years and much prayer, Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) has decided to change his mind regarding the issue of gay marriage.

The Ethics of Reality Television: Kant and Bentham on the Jersey Shore

As Jersey Shore builds to a not-at-all climactic conclusion, Jim Jividen discusses what we’ve learned about ethics from watching Snooki, JWoww, the Situation, Ronnie, and all their gym/tan/laundry pals.

I’d Court You If I Didn’t Have to Objectify You First

A young man can’t take the first step toward long-term love, getting a date, because he can’t separate sexual attraction from objectification.

And the Monarchs

  And the Monarchs   We shall talk again sometime, And I shall speak timidly About the morning’s quarter moon. I won’t mention Joyce or Hemingway or Kant, For I have never read their useless, futile words. When inspired and perhaps calm, I shall hint at the irony of all things, And I shall want […]

Passion Around Two Coffee Pots

Passion Around Two Coffee Pots   After you have heated the coffee pots And after you have emptied and cleaned them, We will talk yet again Around our silly, incipient love. I shall want to discuss it naked With you in a shower, But I cannot. I shall only gaze And converse nervously About the […]

Ten things I've learned from voting

Voting is an inherently altruistic act, because while your actual vote generally makes absolutely no difference (at least within a large population), the principle of an individual act of voting, writ large, determines the government. So, voting is like Kant’s categorical imperative…would society fall apart if everybody voted? No. What if everybody did not vote? […]