Superman and Innovation – Who Will Be the Maccabees?

Sam Sattin wonders, how do we tell the difference between the revolutionary and the trivial?

Rove Hack: The Anonymous Conspiracy

Did hacker group Anonymous foil Karl Rove’s evil election-stealing plan? Greg Olear offers evidence that this conspiracy theory may be true.

The Komeuppance of Karma Karl

“And speeking of rude I think for doing such a bad thing I think you shoudn’t be married. Ya that’s what feels like to be yeld that sentince right in your face.”

The Demise of the Far-Right Conservative White Guy

It’s not that bad, guys.

17 Excuses the GOP Might be Making for Their Loss

Elissa Schappell offers a humorous list of post-election excuses the GOP might be making to explain their losses.

Video: Anonymous Pledges to Prevent the Election From Being Stolen

Can Anonymous really protect us from a stolen election?

Pride’s Progress: The Mainstreaming of Gay Culture

Stefan Borst-Censullo believes the mainstream success of Pride Parades means the gay rights movement is winning.

“Want to scare the crap out of the politicians in Washington? Figure out what we all agree on”

“This issue of how to reduce the reactivity on our political discourse is central to my thinking of late.”