Gary Oldman Does An Amazing Old Englishman Cover Of Pitbull And Ke$ha’s ‘Timber’ (Video)

Gary Oldman gave us comedy gold on London radio. Watch and laugh.

So Many Hurts: Coping With Aches and Pains

Powerlifter N.C. Harrison recounts his many injuries, some of which are a legacy of the “face and hands” era of American football.

Who Says Coaches Can’t Do the Best Locker Room Victory Dances? (Video)

The coach of the Minnesota Golden Gophers brings down the house while celebrating a thrilling victory.

#musicmonday: peter krampus [free mp3 downloads]

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Lady Gaga Shoots for Sainthood

With Lady Gaga’s new album “Born This Way,” the most fascinating character in pop music has finally succumbed to her own mythology.

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Singing Soldiers

American soldiers aren’t just fighting wars. They’re breaking into song—and staying “relevant” back home in the process.