Dad 2.0 Summit: An Open Conversation for Modern Dads

Dad 2.0 Summit is an annual conference about the changing perception and online voice of modern fatherhood. Carter Gaddis tells us all about it . . .

5 Guys Talking: The Second Half of Manhood

What happens when you get five guys talking about ‘the perfect relationship’?

‘Today Show’ Promotes Nauseating Interview With Jerry Sandusky

Kenny Bodanis questions why Jerry Sandusky should be given a platform to tell “his side of the story?”

Is The Good Men Project Really the Best Place to Shop Hot Russian Women?

Kenny Bodanis imagines what it would be like to contact the company in charge.

The Conversation About Dads Just Keeps Getting Bigger: A Response to the New York Times on Dad 2.0

We are creating the change we want to see with how dads and men are portrayed in the media.

Shouldn’t the Kids of Parenting Bloggers Have a Right to Privacy?

Kenny Bodanis believes the stories of his children are not his to tell. What do you think?

Can Men Be Romanced on Valentine’s Day?

Kenny Bodanis has a relationship with Valentine’s Day that can best be summed up as “It’s complicated.”

Lessons Learned at The Summit of Dads

Kenny Bodanis on how the Dad 2.0 conference changed his outlook.

Good Men Can Be Their Own Worst Enemies

Men, we have met the enemy, and he is us.

Smashing Male Stereotypes

We’re not all stereotypical, but even men who fit a mold are still real.

My Life as a Male Figure Skater

In the Eighties, Kenny Bodanis endured homophobic jeers for his love—of the challenge, camaraderie, and spotlight—of life as a male figure skater.

“Can I Blog Too, Daddy?”

Kenny Bodanis is proud that his son wants to join him where he works… on the internet. Uh-oh.

Yeah? Well You Don’t Bring Me Flowers, Either!

Married men: when was the last time your wife brought you flowers?

Parents, What’s More Brutal: The Anxiety or The Grind?

When worrying about your children’s future gives way to dealing with them in the present.

Have a Heart! Legally, I Must Explain Organ Donation to My 7-Year-Old.

Getting a child’s informed consent to donate their organs is as much fun as it sounds.

The Answer to Your Question Is: “‘Cause No-One Gives a S**t.”

When in doubt, writes Kenny Bodanis, divide the world into two groups: Those who don’t give a s**t about you, and those who do.