Kim Davis, Would You Mind Terribly Just Going Away?

Did Davis collect marriage licenses issued to gay couples during her jail hitch and issue new ones that removed all mention of the Rowan County clerk’s office and its staff? If true, the charge could land Davis back in the federal court.

A Gay Dad Sounds Off On the Kentucky Clerk’s Refusal to Issue Gay Marriage Licenses

My open letter to the woman who refuses to do her job. I tell her what her governor, the US Supreme Court and the American public will not. You’re being used.

Understanding (and Misunderstanding) Gay Rights

Matthew Rozsa deconstructs the dangerous logic being used by the anti-gay rights movement in America today. — Over the last week or so, there has been a growing problem with the logic of the anti-gay rights movement. Let’s see if this article from the right-wing blog InfoWars about Vester Lee Flanagan, the African-American gay man who shot two reporters […]

Who Has The Edge in Duke vs Wisconsin? An Offbeat Look At The Championship Game Matchup

We started with 351 schools and we’re now down to two. Wai Sallas, breaks down the non-basketball factors that will drive who will win the NCAA Championship game.

4 Life Lessons We Can All Take Away From This Year’s Final Four Teams

Elite Daily’s Tilmon Keaton explains how the four remaining teams remind him of four key ingredients of success in life.

GMP Sports’ Sweet Sixteen Preview for The Midwest and West Regions: Is Perfection At Hand?

After a wild first weekend in the NCAA tournament, only 16 schools remain. Who to root for? Who to root against? In Part 1 of Good Men Project’s Sweet 16 Preview, Wai Sallas breaks down the Midwest and West regions. (Now with 100% More Hollywood movie references)

The GMP Sports NCAA Tournament Top Sixteen

We are less than a week away from the NCAA tournament getting started. GMP Sports jumps on the March Madness bandwagon, and provides you with our top 4 teams from each region and the players to watch.

The Madness Has Arrived

For Murray State Racer fan, Adam Crawford, Belmont’s upset in the Conference Championship signals that March Madness is here.

Why Political Reporters Can Seem So Shallow

Political reporters can come across as shallow because they spend too much time covering process over substance.

Pitman Creek

Venturing up a small stream in southern Kentucky, a middle-aged man re-imagines his father—and himself.

Federal Judge: Kentucky Must Recognize Same-Sex Marriages from Other States

A federal judge has ruled that Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages legally performed in other states or jurisdictions.

RAW STORY: Kentucky Legislature Approves Bill to Legalize Hemp Production

This historic legislation puts Kentucky in position to be first in line if and when the federal government legalizes production of industrial hemp.

Uncle Tried to Save Family From Burning Home

Gino Cima rushed into the burning home to try to save the family inside.

Maker’s Mark Broadens Target Audience for Their Whisky

Will watering down their whisky water down Maker’s Mark’s reputation? The premium whisky distiller becomes a case study in branding.

Mystery Still Surrounds Shooting Death of Firearms Expert Keith Ratliff

He was surrounded by weapons but was somehow unable to defend himself.

The Cornbread Mafia: The Outlaw Pot Growers In the Bluegrass of Kentucky

Mervyn Kaufman reviews a book about the biggest Marijuana bust in American History.