On the Road of Life & Death

Zimbabwe Road

In Kenya, where only 3% of the population owns cars, what makes drivers slow down? How might we see roads differently?

Just Because You Are Labeled a Terrorist Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Be Right.

Terrorist Right by ssoosay/Flickr

Alex Dick-Godfrey finds that al Shabaab might have a valid point about occupying forces in Somalia.

Today, I am Kenyan

Richard in Kenya

Richard Hess, a Drama teacher on a Fulbright Scholarship to teach in Kenya, struggles to understand Kenyan humor, and learns a bit about eating along the way.

Man-to-Man with Ned Breslin of Water For People


Cameron Conaway interviews award-winning social entrepreneur Ned Breslin.

Richard Turere: The 13-Year-Old Whose Invention Made Peace With Lions (TEDTalks)


Young inventor Richard Turere talks about his invention “lion lights,” an elegant way he designed to protect his family’s cattle from lion attacks.

Sparking a Global Conversation: Vasectomy Files 9

Vasectomy Files 9 image

“Everywhere I go, people, be they rich or poor, black or white, men or women, all express the same unease and frustration about modern life with its crowded cities, crowded roads, crowded schools and crowded hospitals.”

Our Mission: The Vasectomy Files 8

Vasectomy Files 8 image

The Vasectomy Project is encouraging men to join forces and take responsibly for family planning. This is an opportunity to bring people together to talk about our collective responsibility while offering men a concrete way to contribute towards a solution by having a vasectomy.

Police and COPS: The Vasectomy Files 7

Vasectomy Files 7 image

Jonathan Stack’s scary—but funny—experience with being nearly arrested in Guinea leads to a revelation.

The Lost Boys of Sudan: 12 Years Later (VIDEO)

lost boys

Getting resettled in the U.S. was a miracle none of the Lost Boys could ever have imagined on their years-long odyssey.

New Rites of Passage for Young Men

Mentors consult

How to create meaningful rites that young men want to experience.

Combating Violence on Chicago’s Streets: The Cure Violence Initiative

cure violence (292x360)

Dr. Gary Slutkin asserts that the epidemic of violence should be treated as a public health issue, and so far his methods are working.

Would You Help Your Competitor Get to the Finish Line? (Photo)


Fernández Anaya was near the end of a cross country race when he saw his competitor make a mistake.

Kenyan Calls for More Involvement from African Fathers

The father of writer Moses Okoth

Problems of Kenyan fathers reflect the historical perceptions of fatherhood

I Am a Dark-Skinned African. In Terms of Racist Hierarchy, at the Bottom of the Food Chain. Or Should Be.


Moses Okoth is quite comfortable in his deep mahogany skin. But he still has questions about how society views race.

Technology: You CAN Stop the Signal: Anchor Slows Down East Africa’s Access [@cijithegeek]

What is it with ships boldly going where they are not supposed to go? Captain Kirk wasn’t involved, but with these kind of shenanigans, it’d be easy to see how people could think it was his handiwork.

White Boy in a Black Land


Am I a racist? I hope not. But if I’m not a racist and you’re not and neither is anyone else this country, how can we collectively end up with a million black men in prison and such stark and persistent racial differences in terms of education, wealth, and life expectancy?