Hockey Team Threw ‘Spacey in Space’ Night and Kevin Spacey Actually Showed Up

Sometimes sports teams do weird things to get people into their arenas. But when the Florida Panthers held a special “Spacey In Space” night, one very important person showed up.

Money Isn’t Power: 7 Life Lessons Learned From ‘House Of Cards’

“It’s a show immersed in lies, deception, sex, power, manipulation and greed, but dive a little deeper and you will start to realize the ways this show can help improve your life.”

Frank Underwood is Bisexual. What’s So ‘Ambiguous’ About That?

Kevin Spacey’s character on ‘House of Cards’ likes to have sex with both men and women. So why are people afraid to call him bisexual?

You Love/Hate Him in ‘House of Cards’. Here’s More Kevin Spacey

Jesse Kornbluth suggests if you are going to binge-watch Kevin Spacey, watch Margin Call.

The Guys of ‘Horrible Bosses 2’ Are Back for More

Nick, Dale, and Kurt are Back! They are teaming up to succeed by their own rules.

Kevin Spacey: What Makes Him Entertainment’s Ultimate Villain?

From Keyser Soze to Francis Underwood, Spacey is the bad guy that we love to love.

VIDEO OF THE WEEK – Kevin Spacey Tears Washington To Shreds

House of Cards star riffs on Congress.

“It’s difficult to acknowledge white privilege because it’s admitting you’ve got cheat codes the rest of society doesn’t”

This comment by RyanH on the post Explaining White Privilege to a Broke White Person

The Conspiracy Theorists Among Us

Shows like Scandal and House of Cards make for interesting entertainment, but they tell us little about how politics actually works.

Surprise? Men Are Reluctant to Write About Marriage

Guys, what’s the worst thing that can happen if we air our dirty laundry?

Worlds Apart & Strangely Close: K-PAX

Jonahh Oestreich finds a Christlike figure in the 2002 sleeper, K-PAX.


Until yesterday I had no idea how bad our malodorous monkey problem had become.