When There Is No Normal


Norman Gold shares the challenge of parenting a child with a mental illness.

How to Push Through When Our Kids Reject Us

Sacrifice by Silvinka

In the face of his toddler’s rejection, Ty Phillips reminds us of the real reason we meet others’ needs.

My Son Takes Me For Granted, and That’s Okay

boy in bath

Seamus Curtain-Magee knows that the right kind of parental love often goes unnoticed.

The Rants of Keith Olbermann and the Decline of Sports Journalism


Shawn Henfling doesn’t blame Keith Olbermann for his views, but he sure doesn’t watch ESPN.

These Dads Have Superhuman Reflexes When It Comes To Their Kids


These superhero Dads are absolutely nailing it, left right and center.

5 Better Ways to Deal With Your Children’s Anger During Divorce

7287174776_b9a42a733b_z (1)

You can manage your child’s reaction to your divorce and help create a new family full of love and support.

What I Learned About Adult Rebellion From My 3-Year-Old Daughter

What I Learned by Citril

Learning to defuse his daughter’s tantrums taught Ty Phillips a surprising lesson about himself.

Dads and Families Podcast Episode 51: I Don’t Need to Drop Heat Daddy

dad podcast

The weekly Podcast returns with sick toddlers, kid’s saying the darndest things, and Valentine’s Day recaps.

3 Things About Raising Boys That Scare The Living Crap Out Of Me


I look at the news, at the world outside my window, and it freaks me out.

Dear Dad: A Hopeful Daughter’s Relationship Worries


The one with the sun, the moon, the stars, the universe and everything that is glittery and shiny beyond that.

What’s Wrong with Winning?


JD Roberto questions the accepted wisdom of our youth sports world, in which we are told to tell our children that it’s not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game.

The Dads and Families Podcast Episode 50

dad podcast

The Poppin’ Bottles Dad-Cast returns with new stories from the Parenting perspective.

Can You Get Your Life Back After Having Kids? Would You Want To?


Simon Kuper talks about the bittersweet feeling of having your children grow up.

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Single Dad


Through Facebook, a single Dad gets some handy ideas for what he should receive on the upcoming Holiday.

What Can We Do to Support Stay-at-Home Dads?

dad and baby

Rebecca Wissink shares the difficulties one Dad faced being the stay at home parent while his wife returned to work.

Are You Raising Resilient Kids?

Are You Raising by Madaise

Psychotherapist Mel Schwartz helps parents push past the obstacles to raising strong, self-sufficient children.