Don’t Call Me ‘Babysitter’ Even One More Time


Frustrated and feeling devalued by strangers, Nick Browne addresses his future reaction to being called a ‘babysitter’ when he is alone with his kids.

How to Have Energy to Give Your Family


Spending, refueling, and being conscious of your energy levels will make you a better husband and father.

An Open Letter to the Guy Who Helped Me Move On


Thank you for showing me that genuine men do exist and that I can be open to finding and exploring new relationships.

Five Lessons About Fear From an Eight-Year-Old Girl


It’s amazing how much you can learn from an eight-year-old if you keep your mind open.

Communication for Parents: How A Few Simple Changes Can Make a World of Difference


We learn to talk as children but learning to communicate with our own children can take a lifetime.

Yes, Dad’s a Man – But We CAN Talk About That

dad daughter

After sensing hesitation on talking about ‘girl’ things, Brian Gawlak reassures his daughter no subject is off limits.

7 Minutes to Bedtime: A Dad and Daughter’s Podcast


Rick Sanchez utilizes the inexact time just before “lights out” where the most interesting conversations happen with his daughter.

5 Rules For Talking With Your ‘Tweenage’ Daughter


Aaron Saufley explores the intricacies and true meanings of conversations with his ‘tweenage’ daughter.

Dad and Kid Activity: Simple Homebrew Magnetic Silly Putty (the REAL stuff)


It’s magnetic. It’s silly. It’s magnetic silly putty!

We Love the Outdoors. We Hate Poison Ivy. With Tecnu Extreme, it’s No Worries All the Way.

outdoor land

Active families need active solutions to the inevitable encounters with poison ivy.

So, You are a Stepdad – What Do The Kids Call You?


Trevor LaForce answers the frequently asked question about what his step children call him.

My Child Is Special Needs, For Now


Roberto Santiago comes to grips with labeling his daughter born with a cleft palate as being ‘special needs’.

Three Tips From A Working Father For Achieving Work/Life Balance

dad works

After leading a parenting group at work, Joe DeProspero discovered three great tips to help balance family and career.

3 Reasons Why You Aren’t Really Hearing What She is Saying


Relationships enrich your life, but they aren’t free. They require regular investments of your time, energy and attention.

What Do We Know About Pedophiles?

man in shadow

Pedophiles and child molesters can be found in every walk of life, but are they really one and the same?

Here’s Why Your Kids AND YOU Need To See Inside Out

inside out

“This is not just a kid’s movie.” says Raymond Bechard. “It explains why we need all our emotions, even the “bad” ones.”