More Than One Way to Be a Father

MyKids by JR Reynolds

J.R. Reynolds offers an expanded definition of fatherhood—by living it.

A Note To The Good Man I Married

lego wedding

Shanna Anderson has a few things her husband needs to know and they can help any blended family.

Happy Belated Father’s Day, Mom

single mom

After the death of his father, Brian Gawlak reflects on the father his single mother chose to be. — Last year was my first father’s day since my biological father passed away. I spent the day mourning less the loss of the human being whom I had little connection to, but more the loss of […]

Dear Dad: The One With the Little White Lies


A parent turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice on how to explain ‘little white lies’ to children.

How Much Is Enough?


Have youth sports become too much for our children?

6 Similarities Between LeBron James Finals Performance and My Stay at Home Wife/Mom


Even though his team lost, Travis Scott walked away with a new appreciation for his wife.

3 Ways to Discipline Your Child More Effectively—and With Love

3 Ways by greg westfall

Ty Phillips shares his simple, practical wisdom for keeping your kids on the right path.

#30: The 12 Different Types of Nappy


Opening your baby’s nappy is like a box of chocolates — you never know what you’re going to get and you’ll probably end up with sticky fingers. My twin boys are 10 weeks old and these are the 12 types of nappy I’ve encountered so far.

Taking Your Kids to “The Park”: Why Three Dads Are Excited About “Jurassic World”


Three dads from the “Jurassic Park” generation talk about the various ways they’ll be sharing “Jurassic World” with their children… #JurassicWorldAtTarget

Six Gifts Dads Can Give Their Children (Instead of Guns)


A father’s gift, tragically misused, can remind us that Dads can help guide their children’s steps.

Dear Dad: The One With the Diary and the ‘Angry Dad’

girl diary

A father learns his wife’s cousin has read his daughter’s diary and turns to ‘Dear Dad’ for advice. — Dear Dad, My wife’s cousin is staying with us for a few weeks. She is the type of woman who is very know-it-all and judgmental, even though she is single, has no responsibilities in the world, and doesn’t […]

How We Misinform Our Kids About Sex


Ignorance is NOT bliss!

The Secret to Raising Happy Children


When parents devote themselves completely to their children without tending to their own needs, it raises an important question: What are we teaching our children by living a joyless life?

Being a Dad is Being There Through It All


Shanna Anderson has been blessed to have a life filled with men who didn’t have to be there.

I Refuse To Babysit My Children

dads at the park

Shawn Henfling is tired of people calling every dad with his kids a babysitter.

How Our Three Boys Raised Us


They bought all the books and thought they were prepared. Their children had other plans. — As the parents of three boys, our life is anything but boring. We have wanted nothing more than to be a good mother and father. We wanted, actually needed, to do everything right. We bought all the popular books […]