Feeling Like a Bad Dad: The Dads & Families Podcast Episode 56


Sometimes, you just feel a bad parent. But that doesn’t mean its true.

4 Big Assumptions We Make About Our Kids

4 Big Assumptions by alex yosifov

Mike Berry talks about how our busyness affects our children and what we can do to be more engaged.

Kids Read Mean Tweets

Kids Read by Canadian Safe School Network

Cyberbullying is real, and these kids show how words have the power to hurt deeply.

The ONE Thing I Feel I Must Teach My Kids About Sex


Sex is not love. But love is sex.

How To Suck At Parenting

15134652205_a8a93d82eb_z (1)

To raise a good child, you need to be a good adult. James Fell shows us how it’s done.

Schools & Celeb Baby Names: Dads & Families Podcast Episode 55


Is finding a good school for your kids nearly imposible these days?

My Life In Pictures

fifty1271963762 (1)

Steve Jaeger shares a comical documentation of his life.

3 Secrets I Hope I Don’t Ever Have to Tell My Kids About My Teenage Years


Don’t get between me and my Bob Marley Cassettes.

The Power Of Art, Love And Special Needs Kids


John Patrick Weiss shares a story of an inspirational teacher.

How a Dad Survived an Adventure in Toddler Potty Training


How did this dad finally potty train his infant? There was a secret, and he shares it here.

Comment of the Day: What Kids See…and Don’t See


If children don’t see race, religion, or ethnicity, what should we teach them?

When There Is No Normal


Norman Gold shares the challenge of parenting a child with a mental illness.

How to Push Through When Our Kids Reject Us

Sacrifice by Silvinka

In the face of his toddler’s rejection, Ty Phillips reminds us of the real reason we meet others’ needs.

My Son Takes Me For Granted, and That’s Okay

boy in bath

Seamus Curtain-Magee knows that the right kind of parental love often goes unnoticed.

The Rants of Keith Olbermann and the Decline of Sports Journalism


Shawn Henfling doesn’t blame Keith Olbermann for his views, but he sure doesn’t watch ESPN.

These Dads Have Superhuman Reflexes When It Comes To Their Kids


These superhero Dads are absolutely nailing it, left right and center.