Fatherhood Means Always Eating the Bread Butts


Dads are in charge of eating all the pieces of food that no one wants, like ends of bread, brown bananas, and slightly stale cereal.

Dear Dad: The One With the Sleepwalker


A mother of a six year old with sleep issues asks ‘Dear Dad’ for advice.

What I Learned About Love From Letting My Son Have a Mohawk

mohawk david 2005

“How could you give your son a Mohawk?” one even gasped, as though I was encouraging him to play with matches. “Why not?” I shrugged. “It’s his hair.”

Bullying Is Forever


The bullying isn’t the only thing that will be with you for life — the strength, wisdom, and resilience you’ve learned are forever too.

How to Make Divorce Easier on Your Kids

How to by Matt Preston

Divorce can hit your kids hard. These four tips from Jenny Kanevsky—who is in the process with her two boys—can help your kids fare better during challenging times.

Parenting: It’s Just Another Day at the Beach


Eric Stary is determined to get his family to the beach, even if he must first travel through the seven circles of parenting hell.

Top Tips for Kid-Safe Web Surfing

Top Tips by wellcast

Wellcast offers guidance for parents to keep kids safe online.

The Day I Got Laid Off and How It Changed My Life


After closing a huge deal, and almost ten years with his company, Tyler was let go. That was only the beginning. — As I awoke that Friday morning at the end of June, I was unaware how my life was about to change. I was still on cloud nine after closing an important partnership deal […]

The Summer I Became a Man


Losing everything broke him and taught him what’s truly important in life.

The One Word that Changed My Life

handing off the basketball

That one moment when you realize how important your choices are – and who is watching you make them.

‘Smart’ Techno-Tots and Their Tablets

babies and technology

What will our new generation of wired-in babies bring?

How to Be Helpful to Parents in Public

How to Help by hapal

Jenny Kanevsky offers much needed guidance for what to do and what not to do when you see parents struggling with their kids.

Warner Bros and DC Entertainment Launch “Super Hero Girls” Fall 2015


New Superhero universe designed for girls aged 6-12 is a positive step but Alex Yarde thinks his daughter deserves more.

7 Behaviors Your Children Will Learn From You

7 Behaviors by Toni

Mike Berry knows the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree and identifies 7 ways your kids will copy you.

What to Do If You’re Being Bullied

What to Do by Wellcast

Nearly one third of all students, or 13 million kids, are bullied each year. Wellcast offers some ways to stop the epidemic in its tracks.

Meet the Relentless Boov


Great actors, pop music, and an adorable little girl: What’s not to like? James Holcomb reviews Dreamworks new movie ‘Home.’