The Reflection of Perception: Kindness, Disability and Image

When does perception take more than sight and intellect? Erin Kelly offers a different perspective on one man’s act of kindness towards a mother and her disabled daughter.

Kindness Is a Universal Language

Parents Have the Ability to Teach Kids the Message of Kindness Is Universal

4 Small Habits To Massively Improve Your Relationship

Jordan Gray says that these simple, easy habits can transform the quality of your intimate relationship.

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12 Self-Care Tips For Ultra-Driven People

Jordan Gray says that if you ever feel like you’re approaching burn-out levels of exhaustion, these twelve tips will help you de-escalate your stress… and fast.

How to Be Kind to Yourself

Sometimes the person you need to forgive the most is yourself.

The Power of Kindness and Compassion in Bullying Prevention (Video)

Activist for Kindness Gabriella van Rij shares her mission to get others to pick up the ball of Human Kindness® and be a hero to someone who needs your help.

Why Donating Blood May Be the Manliest Thing You Do This Year

How many ways can men be heroes? Brittni Brown examines the masculinity behind donating blood, and what it means to those it is given to.

The Saints

Ariel Gordon describes the kinds of people who, as friends, make life really special.

This Guy is Always On a Roll

What makes a good, strong man? Barbara S F Davis sits down with California native and local hero Lynn Murray to answer that question.

Stop the Talk That Drains You: Self-Talk to a Powerful You!

Words are powerful. They trigger us and have an impact on how we react, how we feel and what we do in response. The words you use in your own mind to tell yourself what’s right or wrong are just as powerful as those someone else might say to you. Watch your words and tame the voices — you have the control to do it.

5 Powerful Romantic Gestures They Will Remember Forever

Jordan Gray says that these five romantic gestures will give you bragging rights for decades to come. —– Ever wanted to do something truly special for your partner? Maybe you’ve been around the block and you feel like you’ve done all there is to do. Maybe you’re an all-around superb intimate partner in a lot […]

Dear Men: It’s The Little Things

Arshiah Parween would like you to know it’s the little things she loves about men.

What If All Our Heroes Were Ideas?

Let’s replace our heroes with ideas.

Why Do We Break the Rungs of the Very Ladder We’re Climbing?

The “1,000 Voices Speak for Compassion” online group brings together bloggers and filmmakers from around the world. Briton Underwood is one of those writers, and challenges us regarding how we treat each other when completing our personal journey. — It’s much easier to navigate the harrows of life without making stops to show compassion and kindness […]

Touch Me: When Uncertainty Outweighs Perception and Stigma

This man has HIV. Sheltered from human contact, he takes to the streets of Helsinki to challenge the power of stigmas.

The Columnist and the Commoner: A Story of Kindness and Creativity

A puppeteer meets a retired columnist while doing a demonstration in a park. What happens next paints a picture of humanity in its purest form.