Submissive Men Circa 1988: An Excerpt From the Memoirs of Janet Hardy


Tweet Kink pioneer Janet Hardy recalls some of the men she met when she first started exploring BDSM. The following is an excerpt from Janet Hardy’s upcoming memoir, currently titled “Impervious: Chronicles of a Retired Deviant”. In this excerpt, she recalls the early days of finding dates through coded personal ads. The personal ads suddenly […]

21 Step Guide to the Art of Masculine Domination


Skillful dominance requires confidence and sensitivity. Are you bringing it, every step of the way?

Just Doing My Job


Justin Cascio’s life has been changed by the writers who reveal their own lives—and the taboos of our society.

Are You Dating a Serial Killer? Psychology Today Thinks You Might Be.

TweetCharles Emrich is here to help you come to grips with the Bateman-esque monster Psychology Today thinks you’ve fallen for. Sometimes you have to expose yourself to awful things to remind yourself that they exist, that evil exists. Past the darkness at the end of the streetlights, you can hear it. It’s out there in […]

“My best casual sex was after flirtatious bar conversation and chat about sexual preferences, arm in arm, going to their place.”


These are comments by SecondBeach, John, and Mike on the post “On Women and Casual Sex – Part II: Flings, One Night Stands and Same Night Lays”.

On Publishing ‘Sex and Snuff: What Dying Twice Taught Me About Eroticized Death’

Screen Shot 2012-10-22 at 1.19.41 PM

Senior Editor Joanna Schroeder explains why she believes the voices of those who star in porn are crucial to the conversation about what is and is not acceptable in pornography.

Sex and Snuff: What Dying Twice Taught Me About Eroticized Death


Olivia Davis has done two modeling gigs involving her pretending to be dead. One was beautiful, one was ugly.

I F—-d a Girl and I Think I Didn’t Like It


Everyone’s tastes are different.

Can Men Tell The Truth About Sex?


Where are the male voices debating contemporary sexuality? No, really, where are they?

Burned Feet and Compassion: the Emotional Experience of Extreme Sex

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Noah Brand comments on a Jezebel article about a man whose sexual rituals include having his feet burned with cigarettes.

You’re Never Not What You Are


Tweet Young self-identified masters and dominants often have to fight for their identities BDSM spaces. Olivia Davis looks at why that’s wrong. In some ways, BDSM is a subculture of title and tradition. The rigid backbone of many kink organizations is Leather—regimented, highly organized Leather. Dating back to WWII vets desperately seeking military structure in […]

I Don’t Want to Be Her S&Master

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A guy wonders how to handle his girlfriend who wants to have a master/slave relationship. Josie and Eli call in Noah Brand for a third opinion from inside the world of kink.

Why “Unbirthing” Is Good For Everybody

Surprised senior covering mouth with hand by Shutterstock

TweetIs it too late in the game to say “the internet changes things?” I know that’s very late-nineties-trend-piece of me, but it’s still going on and we’re still discovering what it means. Our dull, meaty monkey brains just move so much slower than the things we make with them. So, for now, I’m going to […]

The Secret to an Amazing Hook Up


Start the conversation with the right question, and be open to the answer.

Human First, Dom Second


What does it mean that the popular image of the male dominant is a paragon of sadistic power?

Some Thoughts and Questions About BDSM PR

TweetIn December while visiting his family for the holidays, Charles and I stopped by the Leather Archives and Museum in Chicago. The LA&M is a small, but scrupulously kept museum nestled in with a bunch of apartment complexes. The museum is identifiable by its sign bearing a gigantic boot, as well the resemblance of the […]