Are You Just One of The Boys?

break the mold

Why is being “Just one of the boys” a bad thing?

Three Minutes to a More Loving Relationship


When was the last time you danced with your significant other? This week? This year? The last wedding you attended?

The One Thing I Did to Rescue My Marriage


His marriage suffered because he was afraid to give in to what his heart and mind were telling him.

Yeah. Kissing You Is Like That.

Neil Hilborn kissing you is like that

Neil Hilborn performs “Static Electricity”.

5 Powerful Ideas You Can Use For Valentine’s Day

Young Woman with Silk Valentine Heart

Jordan Gray gives you five powerful ideas that you can totally steal for Valentine’s Day.

Lips are the Most Exposed Erogenous Zone


…which makes kissing feel very good

Gay Rights? Yes. Gay Kisses? No.


Marriage, family leave, these are gaining acceptance. But what about kissing your boyfriend in public?

Tweets of the Day: Nerds, Kids, and Kisses


See what our readers are saying about us on Twitter!

7 Facts About Sex, Love, & Attraction That You Need To Know


Jordan Gray discovered some pretty interesting things while studying attraction and human sexuality for the past decade.

Is This Going Anywhere?: 5 Signs Your Relationship Is Getting Serious


Guys, when your lady changes her Facebook relationship status, then you know it’s real.

Boys Kissing Boys: What’s the Problem?

Boys Kissing Boys: What’s the Problem?

Brent Almond wonders why our society stigmatizes boys for showing affection to each other and worries that his young son is already feeling the pressure to conform.

Kissy, Kissy, Bang, Bang: The Importance of Kissing in a Long-term Relationship

Kissing is a barometer to the quality of your relationship.

Steven Lake echoes Charles Dickens who said, “Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart.”

Two Men Kissing in Front of My Kid? Awesome!


Amelia isn’t worried about the kisses her kids see. She’s worried about the people who are afraid to kiss in front of them.

5 Tips For Keeping Passion Alive, From a Couple Who Lived It


Nate Bagley seeks advice from one happy couple on how to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship.

Eww! And the Gay Kiss

men kissing photo by gazeronly

Gregory McVey-Russel is longing for the day when Ewww! is banished for good as a reaction to two men kissing.

“A Kiss, after all, is Just a Kiss, Right?”

Kiss just Kiss

Why The Michael Sam Kiss Freaked Me Out