Kissing: A Field Guide


Kissing is one of life’s greatest pleasures that can be shared by two. Sadly, we encounter over a lifetime of kissing quite a few kissers who make elementary—or truly awful—kissing faux pas, and it makes us wish that everyone with a pair of lips got their own user’s manual.

20 Strangers Kiss for the First Time

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Who knew strangers kissing could be so romantic.

How to Kiss a Woman: Not Your Average Advice


Lori Lothian wants men to know lip intimacy is less about technique and more about attention.

16 Things Your Boyfriend Should be Telling You

Good Men Project, 16 Things Your Boyfriend Should be Telling You, Relationship Advice, Communication, Relationships, RLS Section

Mark Radcliffe reminds us of the importance of communicating love

The 5 W’s of Kissing


Pucker up, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner.

More Kissing, Sex and Spontaneity in 2014

Lady Chatterley, Good Men Project, More Kissing, More Sex, More Spotaneity, 2014 Resolutions, 2014 Romantic Goals

Lady Chatterley describes some of her goals for getting back the fireworks in her marriage in 2014

“…one of the players hugged him and kissed him on top of the head…”

dad.son kiss

Tweet This comment by Adrian on the post Yeah, I kiss My Sons…So What? My son, who is now 32, always gave the best kisses. I was watching a story about a boy who had lost an eye to cancer. The boy was a huge USC football fan, and at age 11 he was told […]

Yeah, I Kiss My Sons…So What?


Kissing your sons is vital to their emotional development. Doug Zeigler tells us why.

It’s All in the Kiss!

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Dr. Adam Sheck explores the science and history of the kiss, and how it can help people assess the compatibility of a potential mate.

What I Won’t Do For My Husband


Nadira Hira’s manifesto on marriage.

Dear John: I Can’t Share My Mouth With Her Dog

Dog kiss photo by donnieray

Tweet   A slobbering dog, a homophobic friend, condoms in the laundry. Dear John advises on all. —- This article originally appeared at Dear John, I have a new girlfriend who has a dog that she loves – and I’m not exaggerating. She is just crazy about this dog. She considers him her best friend. […]

Kiss and Make it Better: How Kissing Affects our Health

Silhouette Kissing

Pucker up! Kissing isn’t just fun—it’s good for your health!

Fuzzy Bunny’s Guide To You-Know-What

sex education, puberty, male adolescence, learning about the birds and the bees, sexual reproduction

Steve Coruzzi’s sex education was woefully incomplete.

Libido Challenged? Try a Daily Dose of Sex


A wife makes a deal with her husband to try having sex every day for 20 days.

“I used to be convinced that ‘real men’ should only want sex and hate cuddling, kissing, and talking about love.”


Men, there are a lot of things that society tells you that you should want. Do you want those things? Or do you want something more, something different?

100 Words from Men on Love: An Open Call for Submissions

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Love is in the air. A call for submissions.