If Love Requires Work, It Wasn’t Meant To Be

Kyle Benson challenges this common saying and shows how it hinders rather than helps relationships.

Kissing Couple Oblivious to the Fact That Their Bar is Being Robbed

When a handful of robbers brandishing guns busted into the Tap Inn in Billings, Montana, everyone seemed to take notice. Except for the couple making out a few feet away from all the action. They had no idea.

Do You Trust Sex With Strangers?

Listen to your instinct, that’s where trust starts

A Brain Doctor’s Guide to Scoring on Valentine’s Day

Here is a confession from a woman–we desire to feel heard, acknowledged, and loved.

Touch Your Way to Amazing Sex

How to heal emotional wounds with the “love drug”

A Man’s Kiss Tells You Everything

You can have a lot of great sex, but how many mindblowing kisses will you have?

The Kiss

Here’s how a simple kiss can make your world dissolve into a state of absolute bliss…

Can Women Cross Men’s Sexual Boundaries?

Great efforts have been made to make men aware of women’s boundaries and how they can be crossed. But can the tables be reversed between men and women in some instances? Jonathan Delavan shares his recent personal experience when it seemed the tables were turned on him.

To Kiss or Not Kiss on the First Date

Sami Jankins questions whether kissing on the first date matters.

Why a Kiss is More Than Just a Kiss

View image | gettyimages.com – You must remember this, kissing is more than just for lips. For both men and women, a kiss is a beautiful and intimate connection in romantic relationships.   Do you remember your first real kiss? I do. I had kissed others before, made out with others is probably a better […]

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4 Important Areas to Master to Have the Relationship You’ve Always Dreamed Of

A relationship is not something that you can get complacent with. If you want a relationship that lasts, you have to be willing to work on the relationship on a daily basis.

Are You Just One of The Boys?

Why is being “Just one of the boys” a bad thing?

Three Minutes to a More Loving Relationship

When was the last time you danced with your significant other? This week? This year? The last wedding you attended?

The One Thing I Did to Rescue My Marriage

His marriage suffered because he was afraid to give in to what his heart and mind were telling him.

Yeah. Kissing You Is Like That.

Neil Hilborn performs “Static Electricity”.

5 Powerful Ideas You Can Use For Valentine’s Day

Jordan Gray gives you five powerful ideas that you can totally steal for Valentine’s Day.