For the Love of Cats and Dads

For the love by Sho Ko

Can a cat make a man cuter? You bet!

Today’s Feel Good Post on The National Football League! (NOW with 300% More Kittens!)

Football Cat - GMP

Mike Kasdan has an NFL piece that will make you smile. And it has nothing to do with concussions, DEA investigations, domestic violence, or child abuse!

Giant Men, Kittens. Kittens, Giant Men. [video]

giant men tiny kittens

Men meet kittens. Men hold kittens. Kittens charm the socks off men.

Adorable Kittens Dancing to ‘Turn Down For What’


This is just about the cutest thing we have seen today!

Trolling From The Bottom Of The Barrel


Is there a limit on what people will get mad about on the internet? No, there is not.

Our Pets: 12/14


Men and boys and their animal companions.

Cat Hater Shares Adorable Kitten Video

Screen Shot 2012-06-26 at 8.28.22 AM

Jamie Reidy does the unthinkable: he gets charmed by kittens in a video.