Dear Daughter: I Hope You Have Awesome Sex

Ferrett Steinmetz is tired of being told that he should point guns at his daughter’s boyfriends.

Justin Bieber Grabbed And Kissed By Jenny McCarthy

Would the same nonresponse have happened with Justine Bieber?

Boy Scouts Covered Up Sexual Abuse of Children

Unknown numbers of boys have been victimized by a rape culture that’s simply taken for granted.

Even “Comprehensive” Sex Ed Is Kind Of Faily

A recent NYCLU report on sex education in New York’s schools has shown that even the so-called comprehensive sex education which students get in schools is far from anything remotely resembling what I would consider actual sex education. For instance, a fifth of schools did not mention in their sex education classes that sex was pleasurable. […]

On Chastity Movements and Men

Christian abstinence movements are really fucking weird about masculinity. (My qualifications for writing this post, as an atheist skeptic who has had quite a lot of sex: I went to Catholic abstinence-only education in high school, I took a class on the abstinence-only movement, and I’ve read a fuckload about it in my free time […] on Misogyny

Ozy Frantz takes down a humor article that tries to be forward-thinking on gender issues and ends up the butt of its own joke.

The Modesty Doctrine

(You may be like “hey, where is Monday Roundup, that was my favorite part of the week?” If so, you are weird. Also, neither Noah or Ozy has much of anything new this week, as we were both busy. Noah’s busy was a lot more fun than my busy though.) No Longer Quivering, which is […]

Cracked on Misogyny

Hat tip to Psychonomics. TW for brief mentions of rape. Cracked has recently presented an article about the five ways modern men are trained to hate women, as part of its latest bid to be Feministe’s more ableist, more prone to dick jokes little brother. Seriously, what is it with Cracked and social justice these […]

Monday Roundup

Noah Brand At the Good Men Project: why men play female characters in video games. Ozy Frantz At the Good Men Project: rerun of The Knight/Beast Dichotomy. At AlterNet: The Absurd Myths Porn Teaches Us About Sex. Technically cowritten, but it goes under my section Because I Said So.

The Knight/Beast Dichotomy

Just as women are trapped by the stereotypes of the virgin/whore dichotomy, so do good guy/bad guy stereotypes trap men. Ozy Frantz breaks down how these cultural images work.

The Knight/Beast Dichotomy

Trigger warning for rape.  A fascinating article at Sociology in Focus describes the male equivalent of the virgin/whore dichotomy: the protector/rapist dichotomy. Women in our society get classified as either virgins or whores– that is, as pure and perfect wife-and-mother-material Good Girls in sweaters, or slutty and “crazy” drinking-and-screwing-and-breaking-hearts Bad Girls in microminis. Similarly, men […]