Why it is Crucial to Locate the ‘African’ in African Studies

Can we develop the study of Africa so that it is more respectful toward the lives and struggles of African people and to their agendas?

Culture Shift Causes Culture Shock: Fear of the Unknown

If only we could learn to practice fairness, integrity and respect for one another.

Nutrition in a Bottle: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Many of our foods contain vitamins that our bodies need to function. Sometimes we have deficiencies in some of these vitamins, but wee can also get too much of a vitamin which can cause health problems.The lesson here is to be aware of what you’re eating.

The Best Commencement Speech This Side of a Google-less 1984

Wisdom isn’t about knowing everything—or searching for it on a smartphone—it’s about what you don’t know.

The Moment of Enlightenment

Father Time is a weekly column dedicated to the concept of time in a parent’s life, particularly a father’s life. The point of view comes from a father of two young sons, both under three-years-old, and how time really is just that: a concept. ◊♦◊ I haven’t been to church in ages (I grew up […]

Our Intellectual Obesity Has Turned Us Into Zombies

Have we become a society of intellectually obese people, gobbling up empty opinions as if they were real facts?

If Football is Deadly, Why do we Still Watch?

Should we feel guilty for watching a sport that costs so much?

Is Everything Really Worth Knowing?

Are there times when a man’s ignorance is acceptable, or even necessary?

Tom Petty’s Brilliant Lyrics Tell A Free Fallin’ Guy Story

Author Jay Cradeur explores themes of a man’s life with the words of poet warrior musician Tom Petty (with video links).

The Smartest Thing You Can Say

These three simple words may be scary to share, but they are crucial to your own growth and communication.

Am I A Good Man? 5 Questions I Ask Myself. Let’s Be Honest.

Author Jay Cradeur poses questions he asks himself and which every man might ask himself to stay true to his masculine path.

It Takes A Lot To Know A Man

Pretending to be someone you are not is hard work, sooner or later cracks start to appear. — A Poem by: Steve Biddulph There are men who wake up in the morning energized and happy. Whose partners and children love and trust them. Who do work they believe in and enjoy. Have loyal and interesting […]

Conquering Fear With Understanding

Ty Phillips explains how fear flows from ignorance.

8 Things The Most Confident Guys In The Room Already Know

These are 8 crucial rules you need for being the most confident man you can be in 2015.

How to Fall Out of Love When You Need to Most

You love deeply and you will again.

Reclaiming Wonder From Above our Small Blue Home

We live on a fragile, small planet in a wondrous huge universe. We have to give it the care and respect it needs to sustain us.