Who Needs to Shop on Thanksgiving?

Holidays are for quality time with family and friends, sharing good food, laughter, love and joy, not for shopping.

Is This Consumer Power In Action? Wal-Mart’s Sales Plummet

Despite all of the things going against Walmart, never once do they consider people are waking up to their business model. Instead, they point the finger at everybody but themselves.

Kids Challenging Gender Barriers, One Pair of Batman Undies at a Time

Tom Burns found an unexpected ally in the fight to bring equality to the kids’ underpants selection. Now he needs your help.

Buying Boys’ Underwear For My Daughter

Tom Burns wonders what the hell is wrong with the manufacturers of children’s underwear.

Random Thoughts

As guys, we should be giving the ladies the same courtesy. School dances, MMA chicks, the Grammy show & manscaping. There are a ton of things floating around in my brain right now and I want to write about all of them.  The trouble is, there’s not enough of each topic to make up a […]