Escapism: The Komplicated Relationship Between #StarWars and Disney [@hannibaltabu]

On a day when the nation’s eyes were focused on a storm battered east coast, a single headline snatched the attention of genre fans, financial analysts, entertainment industry pundits and children everywhere.

A Cannon That Shoots Cars Instead of Cannonballs. How’s That for High-Tech?

This is the future, y’all.

Could the Swarmfire be the Perfect Nerf Gun?

Any office drone knows that when all hell breaks loose (in a non-lethal, non-Post Office kind of way) that there’s two ways to come out on top: have lots of friends (hard) or have superior firepower. In this case, the latter can be yours for about thirty bucks.

News: A Komplicated Resurrection: Declaring Independence for Bastille Day 2012

After a month in the tomb, unholy science has resurrected the Black geek website in a new fashion.

A Real Functioning Laser Cannon. In 2017. Maybe.

Since seeing Grand Slam next to the HAL in the early 1980s, many of us have dreamed of the day when a real, functional laser cannon would become a reality. That day has just been pushed back …

From Trash To Wifi

We’ve seen old shoe boxes transform into decked out dioramas and soda pop cans become purses, but never trash that can be configured to deliver the internet.

When Black Holes Get Hungry They Reach for the Stars

Proving exactly why they matter, NASA released a new video, showing exactly what happens when a black hole eats a star. Wait, what?

Could Scientists Have Found a Possible Cure for AIDS/HIV?

As breakthroughs go, finding a cure for AIDS would be pretty high on the list, and that’s what Berlin doctors believe they have achieved.

Here Comes The Flying Car, At Last. FOR REAL!

Hannibal Tabu wants to let you to know that the future has arrived.

Culture: Komplicated Comes To WonderCon 2012 [@papadocabraxas]

Continuing to branch out and show the world just how nerdy we are at the roots, folks from Komplicated will be making appearances at WonderCon 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center March 16-18.

Fashion: Geek Beauty of The Month for January 2012 [#starwars, Blaxploitation Leia]

Komplicated presents a monthly taste of geek beauty for your desktop wall paper.

Fashion: Geek Beauty of the Month for December 2011

Komplicated presents a monthly taste of geek beauty for your desktop wall paper.

News: It’s Komplicated on Sunday Morning Live, Today at 10AM PST [@isidra]

Before going fishing for the season finale on our webcast, It’s Komplicated appears on the popular web radio show.

Webcomics: Blackjack Rides Again! [@BlackjackAD]

Blackjack is a hero both in the pulp vein in those days of yesteryear, the 1930s. A time of adventure. Now, it is a time for new adventures.

Webcast: Felicia “The Poetess” Morris on It’s Komplicated TONIGHT at 9PM PST (@ogpoetess)

The west coast musical icon and radio representative drops the science in an interview on our live webcast tonight!

Fashion: Geek Beauty of the Month

Komplicated presents a monthly taste of geek beauty for your desktop wall paper.