To Kurt Cobain, on Your 48th Birthday


Gone, but never forgotten. Ryan Bell shares what Kurt Cobain left him…and us…more than 20 years after his death.

Kurt Cobain: 20 Years Later

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The big secret of grunge was that it didn’t describe a style of music, fashion, or even attitude. It was the line where the misfits finally broke through. By Sean Beaudoin.

Today, Feb. 20, Would Have Been Kurt Cobain’s 47th Birthday.


Kurt Cobain’s childhood friend, author Jeff Burlingame, reflects on the ways in which Kurt changed his life.

Song Beneath the Songs: “Hey Jealousy” by The Gin Blossoms


Greg Olear on the Gin Blossoms’ troubled genius.

The Good Men Playlist: A Gen-X Soundtrack for the Tortured Soul

gen-x playlist

Bust out your cardigan and your Greasies. Jarad Dewing’s grunging it up.

Teamless in Seattle

david stern, basketball, nba, seattle

David Stern once again gives the Emerald City the finger.

The Four Types of Men: Part IV – The Bard

Musician with sitar

Have you ever had your mind changed by a book, been brought to tears by a movie, heard a song that could sum up the end of your relationship, or sat and stared at a painting? At some point, there was a Bard who channeled some divine genius and make you feel that way.

Kurt Cobain’s Been Dead For Eighteen Years


Thomas Burson provides a brief remembrance on the 18th anniversary of Kurt Cobain’s death.

Addicts are Super Human


Is addiction really a ‘special gift’ that, if harnessed, can be used for good rather than evil?