The NFL’s Revenue-Sharing System Fails its Fans

Liam Day wonders: What if any time a team loses a game, they have to pay a losing tax?

Guestpost #3: Myles Valentin – Ten things I've learned from Watching La Liga (Spanish soccer)

Myles Valentin is the co-founder of the blog turned best-selling book Stuff White People Like. He uses the money from it to bet on Spanish soccer. He loves Lionel Messi and appreciates the handsomeness of Cristiano Ronaldo in a non-sexual way. While this is a word blog and not a pic blog, Myles would like […]

We All Can Appreciate the Utter Perfection of F.C. Barcelona

Yesterday’s win was the ultimate product of talent, teamwork, and instinct: near-perfection we’ll probably never see again, not in any sport.