Handle Your Labels With Care

Louise Thayer helps us escape from the labels we get stuck with.

How I Got Over My Fear of Commitment

The fear of being labeled, missing out, or being alone weren’t as powerful as the desire to have someone to share his burrito with.

I Am Not a Label; We Are One Race, The Human Race (Video)

Prince EA Speaks on Society’s Official Labels As the Real Cause of Division

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What makes a good man? Yasmina Blackburn reflects on how perspectives can shape the views about men.

Everything Does Happen for a Reason

Chances are you will have heard the cliché, “Everything happens for a reason.” The hard part is trying to find the reason.

I Am What I Am When I Am It

James Blakely explores what it means when the typical labels about sexuality don’t fit.

World’s First Transsexual Man?

In WWII-wra Britain, the decision to share his transition made Michael Dillon a reluctant celebrity.

My Label as a Man Doesn’t Define Me

Christopher M. Anderson feels his identity as a man runs deeper than society’s definition of manhood.

Are You Normal? Probably Not

I’M NOT NORMAL. But I am happy.

My Sexual Orientation Doesn’t Define Me

A person is more than a label. It doesn’t matter who labels them.

A Legacy of Labels: Why Raven-Symone’s Statement Rang True for Many

Gena Raymond explains why Labels are what holds us back from being All that we truly are.

When You Say ‘I Don’t Believe In Feminism, Just Gender Equality…’

You say one thing. But what we hear is something else entirely.

Comment of the Day: “Are labels the real problem?”

The difference in not about the label, but rather the absence of fear.

Same Sex Sex and Why We Need to Remove Labels

We are all human. How about we just acknowledge ourselves as sexual beings? Whatever make-up that involves becomes individual choice.

The Dynamics of Polyamory and Couple Privilege

“Polyamory must be tailored to personal circumstances; it is broad enough include both relationships that are entirely fluid, and ones that reinforce patterns of stability,” writes Angelus Morningstar.

Struggling with “Twink” Envy

As a young gay man, Glenn Garner struggled with the unrealistic body ideals that pop culture, gay and straight, said were “right” for guys like him.