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“It seems the real problem for men isn’t in higher education, but in secondary and primary education.”

This is a comment by Alastair on the post “Why Do Men Need Male-Only Groups on Campus?”

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“He did what society tells men they should aspire to: fast cars, sexy ladies, fist fights.”

In a world where men are told to conquer things like money, women, and sex, Nikki says it’s no surprise to see commercials like these. What do you think?

“While women don’t like being objectified, we do want to be attractive to our male partners.”

This is a comment by Erin on the post “I’d Court You if I Didn’t Have to Objectify You First”.

“Don’t ‘ravish us’ because you read it in an online magazine, let us see your true sexuality.”

This is a comment by LynnBeisner on the post “A Call to the Sacred Masculine: Ten Daring Invitations From the Divine Feminine”.

“There’s so much that promotes horrible views about sexuality that both men and women fall victim to it.”

This is a comment by QuantumInc on the post “On Withholding Sex”.

“The lower-libido person still has some responsibility. Being less interested doesn’t give you dictatorial power over the sex life.”

These are comments by Ulysses and wellokaythen on the post “On Withholding Sex“.

“When I think of that strip club, I focus on the memory of Vanessa’s beauty, vulnerability, and absolute power.”

This is a comment by Adsum Ozar on the Comment of the Day: “Men like strip clubs because they aren’t being told how to behave, or being shamed for their sexuality.”

“The men and women who sit by their partners side at the hospital are the special ones.”

This is a comment by Archy on the post “Can You Ever Really Make a Woman Feel Special?”