Say What? (Version 2.0)

In this regular feature, The Good Men Project Sports team takes a look at the top ten most memorable quotes from the world of sport in the past week. This week includes Lance Armstrong, Gronk, Jerry Rice, Jim Dolan, and much more!

The Friday Sports Dump – The Snoop Edition

The NFL sideshow has finally come to a halt. At least before Letroy Guion was found with 357 grams of marijuana and $190k in cash. Oh NFL, next September can’t come fast enough. On to the Friday Sports Dump.

Lies and Athletes: Why Do We Care?

They say to “hate the game, not the player,” but sometimes the players bring it on themselves. Carter Gaddis shares his views on athletes, integrity, and the lessons we are teaching.

Hulk Angry, Fish No Bite

Will crowds turn out for steroid-free ice fishing?

A Day of Reckoning in Major League Baseball

Sir Bud Selig has spoken. And 13 MLB players have received lengthy suspensions for affiliating with Biogenesis, purveyor of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

A City That Has Outgrown its Britches

Austin has changed a lot since I was young, but it is still a great city and a place I love. Keep it real, Texas.

Like This Essay

As Art Edwards scrolls Facebook, he “likes” a bunch of stuff… But does he actually LIKE any of it?

Your Cheating Heart Will Tell On You

Celebrity athletes lose endorsements when they lie; the rest of us lose our integrity.

We Do Not Know What You Mean Unless You Say I

Colin Berry invites famous and unfamous men alike to own what they say, and for all of us to reap the benefits.

When It Comes to PEDs, Why Not Assume All Athletes Are Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Last week JP Pelosi described the toll PED use is taking on the fans. Neil Cohen offers a somewhat radical solution.

The Unraveling of Our Fandom: Sports and Cheating

JP Pelosi wonders whether his admiration of professional athletes may have been misplaced all along.

Lance Armstrong Owes Me an Apology for that Apology

All of these fallen stars are begging for our forgiveness, but their vague, evasive apologies give us no sense of what they’re sorry for having done.

The Benefits of Arrogance

Arrogance should not be encouraged, right?

Should We Sue Lance Armstrong for Inspiring Us With His Lies?

As two men file lawsuits against Lance Armstrong for lying in his books, Joanna Schroeder asks everybody to pause and reflect upon what Lance Armstrong has really given us—and taken away.

We’re Getting Catfished

Still laughing about how poor Manti Te’o got duped? Jim Jividen addresses the ways we’re all being catfished.

Why Shannon Sharpe Called Bill Belichick a Sore Loser

Liam Day argues that, in his on-air rant about Bill Belichick, Shannon Sharpe unwittingly summed up journalism’s rather sorry state.