Slang Shouldn’t be Banned…it Should be Celebrated, Innit

Beware the language police.

Words: What You Don’t Know Can Change Your Life

If you want to recover well and improve your life, what you say may be the key.

How Children’s Brains Develop to Make Them Right or Left Handed

Left-handedness is no longer seen as an abnormality.

I AM: Ten Traits of the Uncommon Breed

10 traits of those who have moved to a new spiritual order.

Eleven Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures

I can only imagine a translator trying to translate some of our slang to another language. Much of it would not make sense at all.

A Word About Language

When we’re talking about violence, language can have a huge effect on whether a person hearing about a given situation feels safe or threatened by the description.

What does it Mean For a Man To Suffer or Fake Sickness

Deliberately constructing the emphasis on an individual’s suffering.

I’m Teaching My Kids to Swear

DiaryDad is teaching his kids to swear like the “best” of ’em. I have given up on watching my language around my kids.  I don’t let them swear though and I have no problem with the double standard either.  I have friends on both sides of the fence on this issue. Some are very careful […]

Word Origins Put You in the Catbird Seat

We use phrases everyday that most people don’t really understand. Take a few minutes to learn the interesting history behind these common terms.

Rehearse Your Future: Change Your Language, Change Your Life

Hector Ray shares a powerful principle about the words you speak.

The Silence That Damages Us All

In most cases, the language that reminds us of our masculinity is gendered – and denegrating to women. It tells us that women are weak, and we have to be better than that. Every time this happens, we learn more and more that exhibiting ‘feminine’ qualities is something to be avoided. At all costs.

Norwegians Using ‘Texas’ to Mean ‘Crazy’ Actually isn’t so Crazy

Europeans have long been fascinated with the American West, and a new linguistic phenomenon in Norway shows us why.

He was a Gay Man

When you deprive language of its freedom to be somewhat slippery, squishy, and imprecise, you deprive it, as well, of its talismanic power to illuminate the world around us.

Hey Dad, What’s the Best Age for Teaching your Kids Another Language?

Easier than it looks? The Florence Myles on picking up a new language.

Who was That Strange Man who Swore too Much?

You can’t limit the vitality of a book’s form without limiting the vitality of a book’s content.