Sticking to His Roots to Save a Culture from Extinction


Sticking to his roots to save a culture from extinction.

12 Ways Healthy Couples Understand Each Other Without Words


Happy couples develop their own language over time. Here are 12 ways they talk without speaking.

Does the Education Reform Movement Create Psychopaths?


Is the current economic system bringing out the worst in us? William Boyle takes a look at education reform measures.

Do We Just Complain About College Men?

Do We Just Complain About College Men photo by Gabe Austin

Aaron W. Voyles investigates the use of complaints versus commitments in talking about issues with college men.

“What Are You Reading For?”: Why I Read to My Bilingual Child

“What Are You Reading For?”: Why I Read to My Bilingual Child

Stephen Greene argues that his experiences with raising his bilingual son in Brazil have reinforced the importance of making time to read together every night.

19 Terms for Relationships that Dehumanize Women

dictionary by horia varlan 4268897748_8154e2625c_z

Words say a lot about how we think. These 19 expressions say we don’t value women in relationships.

Words Are Things: What I Learned From Author Matt Kailey

Author Matt Kailey

Dillan DiGiovanni shares how reading about late author Matt Kailey’s sexual orientation made his mind explode.

Elders Institute: Ideas for a New Conversation

old man looking left

Paddy Murray discuses the “Elders Institute”—a big idea being grown one remarkable elder at a time.

Men Standing Up: Dismantling Ethics’ Bad Rap


Paddy Murray takes a look at why ethics can often be viewed negatively—even criticized outrightly—through three key factors.

Just Relax: How Men Can Be More Effective Problem-Solvers

help copy

Dillan DiGiovanni suggests a more effective way for men to help someone in distress.

Why Moms are to Blame for Babies Saying “Dada” First

Why Moms are to Blame for Babies Saying “Dada” First

Dave Lesser has his own theory regarding why babies often say one parent’s name long before the other

Dads Talk Funny: How Having Kids Changes How You Speak

Dads Talk Funny: How Having Kids Changes How You Speak

Adam Cherepski charts the many subtle and not-so-subtle ways that our language regresses once we become parents

4 Reasons White People Can’t Use the N-Word (No Matter What Black Folks Are Doing)


Jamie Utt – and some other really smart people – explain why white people simply CANNOT use the N-word. Ever. Never.

‘Be a Man’—The Cruelest Words We Can Speak to Our Sons

Be a Man by The Representation Project.jpg

How the language of disrespect destroys self-esteem and empowers violent behavior.

5 Ways Culture Influences Relationships

marriage, relationship, culture, race

Fouad Alaa thinks about some of the cultural differences that affect his relationship.

Another Year. And Still a N***a

n word

Gerard Kersey wants us to all see our responsibility in helping to change the culture and mindset of our young people through the way we use language.