Why Moms are to Blame for Babies Saying “Dada” First

Why Moms are to Blame for Babies Saying “Dada” First

Dave Lesser has his own theory regarding why babies often say one parent’s name long before the other

Dads Talk Funny: How Having Kids Changes How You Speak

Dads Talk Funny: How Having Kids Changes How You Speak

Adam Cherepski charts the many subtle and not-so-subtle ways that our language regresses once we become parents

4 Reasons White People Can’t Use the N-Word (No Matter What Black Folks Are Doing)


Jamie Utt – and some other really smart people – explain why white people simply CANNOT use the N-word. Ever. Never.

‘Be a Man’—The Cruelest Words We Can Speak to Our Sons

Be a Man by The Representation Project.jpg

How the language of disrespect destroys self-esteem and empowers violent behavior.

5 Ways Culture Influences Relationships

marriage, relationship, culture, race

Fouad Alaa thinks about some of the cultural differences that affect his relationship.

Another Year. And Still a N***a

n word

Gerard Kersey wants us to all see our responsibility in helping to change the culture and mindset of our young people through the way we use language.

Why I Don’t Really Give a **** If My Kids Curse

Why I Don't Really Give a **** If My Kids Curse

Dave Lesser argues that swear words aren’t the worst words a kid can add to their vocabulary

Fixing My Wife When She’s Not Broken


All Doug Zeigler wanted to do was fix what was upsetting his wife. When she finally got through to him about what she needed…it changed everything.

Nerd Nation

Good Men Project, Nerd Nation, Nerd Masculinity, Jackson Bliss,

Nerd and Otaku culture have helped men challenge and redefine masculinity. Jackson Bliss explores some of the powerful consequences of this subculture

The Articulate Man: Why We Don’t Call Each Other “It”

photo by sidewalk flying flickr

Tweet   Kip Robisch, on what to do about those pesky gendered pronouns and other steps towards being more articulate. —- One of the things I like about The Good Men Project is that it transcends the old gentleman’s handbooks—you know, those crimson leather, gold leaf pocket editions that a guy might get for a […]

Hey Lady, You Suck at Parenting

Hey Lady, You Suck at Parenting

Andy Hinds doesn’t swear in front of his kids and he has a message for parents that do.

How To Stay In Love

Jackson Bliss, Erika Bliss, Jackson and Erika Bliss, The Bliss Family, How to Stay in Love, Good Men Project, Lyrical Essay, Love Essay, Love Poem, Love Poetry

Both a lyrical essay and a love poem, Jackson Bliss writes this tender and fiercely beautiful piece about the love of his life

The Language of Mean


When kids don’t want to be nice to each other, they have their own euphemistic way of going about it. Here’s a guide.

Language Makes Our World: Choose Your Reality Carefully

4519802923_07f39fe82c_z (1)

Language is the way we make sense of the phenomena of our world. It empowers, limits, and hurts us.

How to Give Great Text



Guante: A Visit From the PC Police


Let’s reframe the idea of political correctness to be less about censorship and more about choosing to not use needlessly hurtful language.