The Effect Racist Rhetoric Has on Young Latinos, and Why All Americans Should Care

This year’s election and racists stereotypes has only added to the consequences of mobility for young Latinos.

Comment of the Day: ‘I love every inch of her body’

When you are open to love … love happens.

Labels, Passing, and Identifying

David Guba on the use and purpose of labels in the context of race and nationality.

Street Corner Sweatshops

How the car wash industry abuses workers

Is the Pope Trying to Teach Christians How to be Christian?

He’s shaken things up on issues like homelessness, crime, sexuality, and reproduction — but isn’t he really just doing what Jesus would do?

Image Is Superficial But Its Impact Is Deep

Supermodel Cameron Russell talks shop and deconstructs the power—and privilege—of image.

New Year, New Masculinity

Sebastian Molano shares a new resolution to pursue a “new masculinity.”

The Search for a New Masculinity

Sebastián Molano used a surprising incident on a Washington D.C. street corner to examine how to examine, transform and embrace gender roles.

Judge Rules Discrimination in Crackdown on Illegal Immigration

A federal judge ruled that Joe Arpaio was violating the constitutional rights of Latino drivers by targeting them and using their ethnicity to influence legal decisions in his attempts to crack down on illegal immigration.

Apostando Con Mi Padre…and Winning

Son confronts Latino stereotypes and discovers the true nature of his father

The Aurora Shootings: What’s Wrong with White Men?

Jamie Utt wonders why is no one asking what’s wrong with White Men in the United States?

Comics: Miles Morales Is The New, Ethnic Ultimate Spider-Man [@marvel]

The racial composition of the new web slinger is the lead story, but are we really paying attention?

My Night as Ricky Martin

Wait, did my impersonation of the openly gay Latino superstar contribute to erasure of his gay identity?