The Gravity of Injustice on Our Souls – A Response to Ferguson, Garner, and the Paradox of the Black Attorney

injustice - paradox response

How do conscious activist professionals handle the struggle of expectations, responsibilities, and fear?

Who Fears Paper, Who Fears Law?

I fought the law dullhunk:Flcikr

Law is nothing more than an idea on paper—what someone else believes you should, shouldn’t, can, or can’t do.

My First Time


Bob Marrow describes first experience in court as a lawyer.

My Son Got Arrested But It’s Not His Fault


Parents mean well when they call professors to offer excuses, but they end up revealing more than they intend.

Will We Ever Have a Just Society?

Just Society by Ben Sutherland

How do we define social justice in the new millennium?

Activists Seek to Impeach Philly’s First Black D.A

Greg Brinkley

On the heels of A. Charles Peruto Jr., calling for Seth Williams to be voted out of office, activists look to impeach him.

Shift Responsibility on Stand Your Ground from Victim to Shooter

Stand Your Ground Sign

If a law based on perceived fear can be used as an excuse to murder, shouldn’t a substance test be issued immediately to the shooter to confirm they didn’t have an altered perception of reality?

5 Positive Steps to Reform Prisons

Nimba County Prison Inmates

Renowned prison reform activist Ken Hartman gives his insights into how we can reform our broken system.

Lemon Laws: Activist Calls Out CNN Anchor for Endorsement of Stop and Frisk

Lemon Laws2

While Twitter continues to storm Don Lemon for his controversial endorsement of an act deemed unconstitutional, an angry activist – fed up with Lemon’s destructive comments about blacks – recalls when the embattled CNN Anchor was the victim of a violent racial profiling.

Let’s Change How Police Question Young Suspects


Juveniles are particularly vulnerable to the coercive (and often unlawful) techniques of law enforcement officials.

Worse Than Making Sausages


The absurdity and dangers of 16-year-olds being charged in adult criminal court.

Bread-Winners: Top Four Things You Ask When Faced With Divorce


Morghan Leia Richardson lists important points to consider when divorce is on the table.