Dress For The Life You Want, Not The Life You Have

“In Green Bay, Wisconsin, ten bowling shirts are considered a great wardrobe.” -Greg Koch

What About The Men? Exploring the Hidden Side of Domestic Violence

A documentary about men who have been in abusive relationships. The survivor’s stories and the contributions of experts from the mental health, legal and law enforcement world will illuminate this often overlooked societal ill.

A Gun Owner Speaks From The Heart About Successful Gun Control

Keith Lesmeister grew up around guns, believes in the 2nd Amendment, and believes we need more laws controlling them. — The shooting range outside of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is a long narrow strip that’s been bulldozed flat and surrounded by high dirt walls and a dirt backdrop, and beyond that a dense forest. Yardage markers […]

Interviewing the President of GoTopless: Facing Our Discomfort

Quentin Lucas discusses GoTopless and women’s rights with its president Nadine Gary.

Why 50 Cent Won’t Beat The Revenge Porn Rap By Crying Bankruptcy

50 Cent is finding out that he can’t shield himself from liability simply by filing bankruptcy.

Lip Service: When Disability Comes Before Business

Erin Kelly examines a disability-oriented company’s recent actions towards a client.

4 Reasons Why Being a Lawyer Made Me Miserable

A career as a lawyer is highly sought after, but Bob Marrow was absent of happiness in this field. Here’s why.

Why Florida Has A Sex Offender Colony

The law in the USA takes away the right of registered sex offenders to choose where to live.

The Indiana State Line

Indiana politicians thought they were holding the line; instead, they crossed it.

Pardon the Ravens

People inspire us, even when we are still learning about their past.