We Agree. No Drugs, Alcohol, Sex for kids, but Guns OK?

Kids with guns

With all the controls we put in place to protect our kids and manage their behavior while young, why are we allowing them to use deadly firearms?

Dear Kansas

dear kansas

Greg Correll believes that Kansas proposed new law on corporal punishment will sanction and increase child abuse. Here’s why.

Breaking Rules Badly

traffic photo by jeffk

George Davis looks at the difference between breaking laws and breaking social contracts.

White Men Appear Immune to Stop and Frisk, Not Mass Murders


Despite mass murders committed by suburban white men, it seems to be only inner-city black and brown youth that are the victims of Stop and Frisk.

Is The American Dream Becoming the American Nightmare?

American Dream becoming American Nightmare

David Pittman wonders if our inability to protect our children is rooted in our belief that our country is so great—causing us to turn a blind eye to what is really happening.

Can We Talk About Guns Now?


There is an ongoing slaughter in America that is a result of the easy access and availability of guns. Should we change something 220 years later?

Can States Outlaw Free Online Education?


Minnesota requires a registration fee, even when courses are offered for free, online. Is this justifiable? Can it be enforced?

“If they want to kill, they’ll find a way.”


This is a comment by Quadruple A and Mike Conway on the post “Mass Shooting in Aurora, Colorado – Tell Me Why We Don’t Need Gun Control Again?”

“I Will Continue to Break Laws”: A Statement at Sentencing

photo us army africa

Jeremy John was sent to prison for six months for civil disobedience. This is what he said to the judge at his sentencing.

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