The 3 Biggest Mistakes Women Make in the Early Stages of Divorce—and How to Avoid Them

The Three Biggest by Eurritimia

When her husband dropped the divorce bomb, Jenny Kanevsky had to deal with the fallout. Here are three crucial truths she learned.

My Resolutions as an Activist Dad


Brandon Greene is looking for a better future for his son. He’ll do this by continuing to work for change.

Ferguson, Garner, and the Paradox of the Black Attorney

ferguson garner paradx

Brandon Greene opens up about being a young black lawyer navigating his job and his peers in the midst of current events.

3 Reasons It Is So Damn Hard to Get a Divorce


The answer boils down to pretty much one of three things: you’re difficult, your spouse is difficult or the lawyers are difficult.

No One Man Should Have All That Power – Our Diversity Responsibility

power brandon photo donovan green

Brandon L. Greene looks at who hold the reins of power and how this might be equalized.

I Am a Bisexual Man

No more hiding.

Tyler Omichinski has struggled with how to come out – to family, friends, and colleagues. And he’s decided that the time to stop hiding is now.

Changing Perceptions: You Don’t Have to Be Shady to Be a Good Lawyer

Shady Lawyer photo by mccaffry

Lawyers get a bad rap. And here is what they are doing to break those negative stereotypes.

Custody Battles: Five Things Involved Dads Should Know Before Setting Foot in Court


Morghan Leia Richardson’s comprehensive list for dads dealing with custody battles.

I Can Finally Say I Am Proud to Be a Man

gay masculinity, gay manhood, gay dads project, male pride, confidence, men's friendships, gay coming of age

A lifetime of homophobia had beaten down Larry Best, but with the help of a friend, he has regained pride in his manhood.

Why Everyone Should Get Divorced Before Marriage


A couple comes face-to-face with their state of things.

How to Miss Someone During the Holidays


A larger-than-life uncle and “pit bull lawyer” taught Philip Menchaca gratitude for American citizenship.

A Family Law Attorney on Gratitude


Adversity fosters gratitude.

The Bad Man Project


“He wondered if the reason he felt momentarily complete during coital orgasm was that he had convinced himself that he was once again inside the womb.”

The Lotus Keeper: An Excerpt


An excerpt from a novel of sex trafficking and justice in Southeast Asia, by K. R. Dial, advocate of the International Justice Mission.

George Zimmerman Will Be Tried In Death of Trayvon Martin (Updated)

Screen Shot 2012-04-11 at 12.24.37 PM

George Zimmerman to face criminal charges in the death of Trayvon Martin. Also breaking news: Eric Holder announces a parallel investigation into a violation of the civil rights of Trayvon Martin, just as Zimmerman’s lawyers resign as his counsel.