8 Reasons Being Bold is Such a Scary Proposition for Most Guys

If you are called to lead, to serve, and to make a difference in the world you will have to deal with these 8 things. It’s worth it.

Self-inspiration and Motivation

Stop looking outside, start looking inside, and be a leader.

Do You Really Want to Be a Leader?

Moving up the ladder is for some, is it for you?

(Not So) Quiet Desperation

David Shechtman calls out the glorification of busy. He goes further to discuss the importance of counteracting the societal obsession with task achievement and it’s devastating personal and professional undermining.

4 Qualities Of Leadership That Begin At A Young Age

Christopher Spurvey sees leadership qualities in his son that translate into real world success.

A Serious Guide to Humor at Work

Humor is like Social Prozac.

Pick Your Pain

It isn’t about doing what you love, it’s about what pain you are willing to endure.

The Single Most Important Secret to Achieving Your Goals

Why 92% of people quit before they achieve their goals, and how to be one of the few that succeed.

How Has Martin Luther King, Jr. Inspired You?

A man asked his friends this simple question on social media and the responses are both eye-opening and heartwarming.

The Real Person Behind the Facades of Success

How our layers of roles and personas create a wall between us, happiness, and success.

Comment of the Day: “I am still coming to grips with gender role expectations.”

This comment was by Vince on the post: Babble of the Sexes Defines Leadership Versus Partnership in Your Relationships.

Are You Leading from a Place of Judgment or Service?

The words may be the same, but your intentions really do make all the difference.

Keeping Your Eye on the Ball

A corporate trainer and college baseball official offers leadership lessons through the eyes of an umpire.

At the Heart of Leadership

Clay Boykin on what leadership means and what we need to do to be better leaders.

The Power of Knowing Your Entrepreneurial Focus

It is very difficult to focus on a business mission and yourself at the same time. Clarity makes all the difference.

Finding Your Voice and Learning to Lead

A good leader is one who reflects on how they want to lead. Clay Boykin explains how he did just that.