Take Command With SMART and HARD Goals

You may already be familiar with SMART goals, but Jody Gold teaches us the real way to tap into your deepest motivation and harness the power of HARD goals.

Climbing the Ladder of Inference with Andrea Bocelli

Andrea Bocelli as an example of understanding assumptions and suspending judgement to improve leadership and overall workplace effectiveness.

How Law Firms Help Dads Find Balance

Attorney Mike Boulette was surprised with six full weeks of paid paternity leave at his new law firm. He was even more surprised when told to take it. All of it.

The Man I Am: 5 Unexpected Things The Military Taught Me (and 5 Contradictions)

Military life taught me more about being a man than I expected.

Is Time Really Speeding Up or Are We Just Out of Control?

Three techniques to manage the increased pace of workplace life, and keep your sanity while doing it.

Respect Isn’t a Zero-Sum Game

Respecting other people is both free…and priceless.

Being Authentic Is True Leadership

In this world of spin-doctoring, impression management, and controlled messaging, knowing where someone stands is quite a victory.

Throwing Flames or Dodging Bullets: What’s Your Communication Style Under Pressure?

Are you known for telling it like it is, without regard to the impact on others? Do you actively avoid confrontation? Or Have you somehow figured out how to strike the balance between both sides when it really matters?

Identity is the Key to your Company Culture

Sue Funkhouser describes how to combine brand, leadership and collective to create a successful company culture.

The Artist and the Bully

“Nobody’s Special!” The Bully poured these words over a student at my daughter’s school. Tears marched down her cheeks and into her soul.

To HAVE, You Must BE

We know what we want and what we should do. Jason Kiesau challenges us to think about what we should BE.

Quiet Leader: The Imposter Syndrome

Sean Swaby writes about his experience with the Imposter Syndrome.

The Moral Crisis of Firing an Employee

Greg Lhamon talks about the side of leadership many never see.

How I Ask For Help (And Usually Get It)

I AM HUMAN. First, I start with this. I am not some hero out of Greek or Hollywood mythology. I am a man with flaws (and strengths) and I need a hand sometimes to get through this ridiculous existence.

Do Male Leaders Struggle with Showing Appreciation?

Do the masculine stereotypes of tough men being good bosses cause a disconnect with their teams?