Vulnerability and Public Speaking to Men and Boys

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Tweet I can’t control anything past my will to stand up and my forethought to prepare something worth saying. I have been doing some public speaking lately. It occurred to me both how valuable it is to be a public speaker – the thrill of presenting about something important to me, but also how valuable […]

The Price of a Salute Among Leaders of Men

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What have you done, today, to earn the loyalty of those who follow you?

Cambodian Champion of Children’s Rights

Cambodia Children's Rights by ND Strupler/Flickr

Spotlight on Mr. Thy, Executive Director of the Cambodian Center for Children’s Rights

Call for Submissions: On Gender-Dynamic Leadership

Leadership and Mentorship ---Photo roy.luck/Flickr

Calling good leaders! We need your wisdom for the new Lessons in Leadership series.

Why the Murderer of Millions Still Roams Free

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With no fear of the law, the killer of 7 million stalks new targets.

Who Is In Your Rowboat?

Rowing Guys 588

Imagine you have a rowboat with room for about 6 other guys – You need 6 other guys who you can count on. Who is in your rowboat?

Simple Wisdom from The Greatest Coach Of All Time

John Wooden Closeup

If there was ever a man who codified and successfully taught leadership to young men, it was John Wooden.

“I can’t fathom what it’s like not to have a dad.”

Absent Father

This comment by Dr. Richard Norris on the post Where Men are Needed and Fathers are Few

For the Dude Who Says, “I Got it All Here. Why Travel Abroad?”

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Living and participating in a different culture has a tendency to wipe away the perspective from your home cultural conditioning; behavior alters, personality changes, an individual adapts and grows more tolerant and versatile.

Thank You Mr. Hansen

thank you Mr. Hansen

Mark Boles would like to see an NFL team owner lead from the top.

The L in Leader is For Listener, and the Rest of the Recipe


Author and entrepreneur Sherman Nelson offers his unique recipe for what it means to be a leader in the 21st century.

Do You Speak MENglish or WOMENglish?

"Can we talk?"

Women cannot treat men as if they are just “hairy women” – and men should not behave as if women are prettier, softer, emotionally unstable, multi-tasking versions of themselves.

3 Leadership Habits You Should Never Use Unless You’re Peyton Manning… And 1 You Should

Peyton Manning Speaking

What secret leadership formula does Peyton Manning know that you wish your boss knew?

What Male Leaders Desperately Want

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Laura Gates has listened to the deep dark fears of powerful men. And she knows what their hearts truly yearn for.

You Are a Role Model. Reluctancy Doesn’t Change That.


We are examples for others, whether we want to be or not. We influence the development of those around us. Let’s embrace this rather than live in the fantasy that it doesn’t exist.

How Your Fake Confidence is Hurting Your Real Confidence

Father tosses his confident daughter into to air accompanied by screams of delight.

In the Age of Twitter, audiences want something and someone real. Someone with clarity, certainty and authenticity.