When People Trump Everything Else


Who you have in your life affects what you do. Here are some keys to maintaining good relationships.  — Think about this for a moment–All relationships are not important. If all relationships are important, no relationship will be important. Leaders who genuinely care for people, consistently live out vision, and selflessly help others reach their […]

Leadership Lessons I Learned From Basketball

hoop picture

Years playing basketball taught Patrick Sallee some lessons on leadership that will up your game off the court.

One Story Every Man Must Be Willing and Able to Share


The one story restored her respect for her husband and hope for their marriage. — I’m not a man and will never be able to fully understand their deepest fears and motivations. But, my husband tells me that a man’s ego is like a fragile egg in the hands of his wife, regardless of how […]

3 Ways to Be A Better Man at Work

Successful Business Meeting

If you’ve ever felt like your identity at work didn’t click with your identity outside of the office… here are some steps to help you be a better man at work (and at home).

Brandon Strop: Finding Balance in the World of Disabled Bodybuilding


Erin Kelly looks at a young disabled bodybuilder’s story, and how it reflects on the impulses of society.

The SuperChicken Model of Leadership

Super Chicken

We badly need a better way to work and a richer way to live.

Can Youth Sports Foster Creativity? It Depends

youth hockey

If the clichés that permeate sports broadcasts and locker room speeches are to be believed, sports participation teaches children the value of hard work, builds character, and develops future leaders.

10 Tips for Improving Your Emotional Intelligence and Become a Better Leader


On his first day in leadership, an employee informed him she might have cancer. He quickly had to become a leader. — When I was first promoted to a leadership position, I was so proud and yet so unprepared. It was my technical skills that had gotten me the job, not my leadership skills, as […]

Organizational Leadership Simplified


Patty Beach explains a three step formula to simplify Organizational Leadership and yield successful results

French Open: 8 Leadership Lessons from Roland Garros


Izabela Lundberg on 8 powerful leadership lessons you can learn from 2015 French Open.

Will I Ever Be The Man I Hope To Be?


It may be time to get real about what you want from life and what’s been holding you back.

Let’s Stop This Change Process, It’s Starting To Work


David Shectman offers insight as to why most organizations abandon change efforts before they see results, and how to approach this dilemma.

Why Leaders Lack Emotional Intelligence

Why Leaders by Josh Graciano

Dr. Travis Bradberry examines the lack of emotional intelligence among leaders and shares his favorite EQ-boosting strategies.

Wouldn’t It Be Great If All Our Teams Were This Great?


How one amazing business trip and Matt Steven’s story changed the way I look at great teams.

Will the Real Leaders Please Stand-Up?


What we really need are leaders (regardless of political affiliation) who care.