Divorced Man Gives Great Advice In Letter About The Importance Of Loving A Woman To The Fullest


A humbled man gives epic advice to other men, on how to really love a wife.

“Is Crying Healthy and Cathartic for both Men and Women?”


This comments AutumnVi on the Post Important Life Lessons That A Breakup Teaches You

9 Important Life Lessons That A Breakup Teaches You


That rough break-up you just went through? It might’ve been really good for you.

9-Year-Old Boy Challenges Neil deGrasse Tyson In Hilarious Debate (Video)


The real life Reed Richards has an awesome exchange with a young fan.

Reconstructed Advice from The Incomparable Kurt Vonnegut: A Literary Mashup


The thing Michael Kasdan loves about Kurt Vonnegut is that he doesn’t take himself or the world too seriously. Something we all can learn from.

Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey Wants Everyone to Love Learning


This past Sunday marked the premier of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, a show that hopes to spark a new generation of explorers with a hunger for knowledge.

Two Single Dads Who Taught Me Everything


There are two single fathers that showed Brandy Pettigrew what being a parent really was, and she’s so thankful for them both.

Styles of Entitlement


Our entire culture feels entitled, but men and women have different ways of expressing it.

Can’t Stop Smiling Watching at This Afghan Soldier Learning English

Afghan Soldier Learning English

This makes me laugh. Is that wrong ?

20 Lessons From My Men’s Group That Have Improved My Life

Photo by Eric Beteille of www.pedestrianphotographer.com

Sweaty Eye Syndrome is okay, “courage” is a chameleon, and even Badasses make mistakes.

Brain-Training Apps Just Make You Better at Playing Games


Your old tried-and-true cup of coffee may do more for your brainpower than the latest “brain apps.”

Five Reasons my Children are Lucky to Have an Outdoorsman for a Father

Jack Rabbit photo by lukedetwiler

Tabitha Studer wants to dispel the negative stereotype that all Outdoorsmen are uneducated, close-minded, reclusive Rednecks.

How to Stand Back Up After Life Knocks You Down

Falling Down photo by vincepal

Tamara Star learned the hard way that ‘the dark night of the soul’ is really a time of transformation. Here’s how she saw her way through.

How Can You Teach Them to Be Men?


Transman is raising two boys—as a solo transgender man. Here is what he says to people who don’t think he can raise sons since he is not a ‘real’ man.

Where Did My Twins Learn the Alphabet? (I Doubt It Was From Me)


Mike Crider realizes that there will be other people who teach his girls as they grow. But there was still a bit of a pang the first time he heard them singing the alphabet song.

Mark Twain, the Depth


Professor Bobkoff is not returning to campus this fall, but his daughter will never forget what he taught her.