Hey Dad, What’s the Best Age for Teaching your Kids Another Language?


Easier than it looks? The Florence Myles on picking up a new language.

Can Heartbreak Be Healthy?

Can Heartbreak by Quinn Dombrowski

Endings expert Matt Shumate believes multiple breakups are the best thing that ever happened to him.

Don’t Delete That Jerk Off Your Social Media Just Yet


Opposing and abrasive points of view can be annoying, but what can they teach us?

Lessons in Facial Hair


Jason White on comparing his facial hair to his father’s, and the lessons he learned about masculinity.

Taking Gym Steroids Can Affect Your Learning and Memory


The physical impact of anabolic steroids are well known but there are also mental effects.

Learning To Be Me

be me

How do we lose ourselves? The process is long and grim. But it’s not impossible to find ourselves again. Here, we learn how.

One Father Finds His Way Through the Darkness


A young father of twins and a newborn, Briton Underwood finds his way, all thanks to his children. — “Feeling my way through the darkness, guided by a beating heart…” The transition to fatherhood has not been one that was necessarily easy. It has been filled with nothing but trial and error. I have learned […]

Are You a Teachable Spouse?

Are You by Bryan McDonald

For couples in conflict, Mike Berry has identified the critical question.

The Eviction Files, Part II: And Here We Go

man losing house-Joe rutland

For one man, watching his home slowly slip out of his hands isn’t a pleasant experience.

The Seven Habits of Organizations Who Truly Value People


Studies show that top organizations are successful because they make their employees feel valued

Why You Don’t Have The Love You’ve Always Dreamed Of


You can get the love you’ve always wanted. You just have to be committed to creating a better love in your life.

So, You Think You’re a Good Leader?


Why leadership is important, how to find out if you are a good leader and what are the regular practices of great leaders

What I’ve Learned From Being A Bad Ex-Boyfriend


Nick Chmura takes a hard look at past relationships.

Your Best New Friend—Adversity!


David Shechtman puts context and framework around how handling Adversity constructively can powerfully contribute to a person’s ability to improve.

Kids Need to Like What They’re Reading to Progress

children reading

Kids will be turned off reading if they have no interest in the material. Comics or picture books are fine as long as the child enjoys it.

The Genius of Jubilee, Forgiveness, and Forgetting


Couples go through a lot together, and learn something new every step of the way.