Ghosts in Leather


In this daring poem, James Siegel takes us back to gay, American leather bars in the 1980s, paying tribute to an almost mythical subculture–a minority within a minority.

A Dyke in Love with a Gay Man…Who is Trans

Jackie Hubschman & Oyle Harrison, Atlanta, GA

Dyana Bagby shows us a model of emerging relationships in a changing city.

Surprise? Men Are Reluctant to Write About Marriage


Guys, what’s the worst thing that can happen if we air our dirty laundry?

You’re Never Not What You Are


Young self-identified masters and dominants often have to fight for their identities BDSM spaces. Olivia Davis looks at why that’s wrong. In some ways, BDSM is a subculture of title and tradition. The rigid backbone of many kink organizations is Leather—regimented, highly organized Leather. Dating back to WWII vets desperately seeking military structure in their […]