Elvis on the Stairway to Heaven

elvis led zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Meets Elvis, 40 Years Ago

Let’s Leave Ben & Jerry’s Out of the Hazing Conversation

Ben and Jerrys, ice cream, hazed and confused

Under scrutiny by anti-hazing advocates, the famed ice cream makers are being pressured to change the name of a new flavor.

Can’t Take A Compliment?


“Sincere compliments cost nothing and can accomplish so much. In ANY relationship, they are the applause that refreshes.”
―Steve Goodier

Mick Jagger Taught Me To Love

Photo: Fotos von Ulrich E.

She was 13 years-old when the sight of Mick Jagger first made Alyssa Royse tingle. And she’s been chasing the tingle ever since.

Music: The Cure for the Common Breakup


“Without a soundtrack, human interaction is meaningless.” – Chuck Klosterman

A Celebrity’s Job Is To Entertain – And That’s It

entertainer responsibility

Matt Brennan doesn’t think that Charles Barkley or any other celebrity should be raising your kids.

The Good Men Playlist: Songs of Thanks

songs of thanks

Nothing says ‘thank you’ like a song.

Don’t Know What You Got Till It’s Gone


Tom Keifer on the illness that almost cost him his career and his long struggle back.

Bad Company Wraps Up 40th Anniversary Tour


Hard rock legends don’t disappoint their adoring crowd.

The Day Mrs. Ryan Broke Up Our Rock and Roll Band


In August, 1976, five kids from Northeast Philly were going to be the heroes who saved Rock and Roll.

49 Things You Must Tell Your Baby


Tell her everything now, while she’s listening.

Top 10 Opening Drum Beats of All-time

Screen Shot 2012-06-23 at 10.19.29 AM

Jamie Reidy offers his ranking of the Top 10 opening drum beats in rock history.

Top 10 Most Recognizable Opening Guitar Riffs of All-time

Screen Shot 2012-05-03 at 6.40.11 PM

Jamie Reidy reveals his list of Rock-n-Roll’s Top 10 Most Recognizable Opening Guitar Riffs.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Dad

Photo by Patricia Oliveira

CJ Kaplan’s attempt to share his love of heavy metal music with his six-year-old daughter is thwarted by Miley Cyrus.

AM Radio

Yeah when things get stupid and I just don’t know Where to find my happy I listen to my music on the AM radio Everclear I’m old.  Ish.  How can you tell?  I remember Beta.  I’ve also listened to 8 tracks.  I remember when Leif Garrett was cool.  Shaun Cassidy too. For those of you […]