The 30 Lessons I Learned From My Dad By the Time I Turned 30


It is Jeff Moore’s birthday, and of all the gifts he has received, he cherishes thirty that came from his dad the most. Here they are.

Don’t Sweat Your Legacy, Because You Don’t Decide It

Don't Sweat by Frank Lindecke

The death of a friend led Rick Gabrielly to realize that our legacies are determined by the receivers, not the givers.



Von Thompson writes of the Pacific Island nation of Palau, haunted by the clash of Japanese and American forces during World War II.

He Was A Good Man: How Do You Want to be Remembered?


I’ve never really cared about my legacy, and then I read the obituary of a crazy racist.

The Gifts That Get Handed Down to Generations

My Uncle's Gift

#KeepGoodGoing in partnership with New York Life

Young Men Want to Matter- Here’s How

handshake, organization, relationships, greetings, meetings, socialize, social

Handshakes can change the world.

Call for Submissions: What Will Your Legacy Say About You?

Your Legacy photo by Bev Goodwin

Our new Ethics & Values editor wants to hear your thoughts on living and legacy.

Paralyzed by Choice: 5 Ways to Help the Adult Teen Get Unstuck

Paralyzed by choice photo by dherrera 96

David Stanley looks at the problem of too many choices for adult teens and offers suggestions for how to solve that problem.

Funny or Offensive? Does Aqua Velva Campaign Take Father Son Bonding to New Lows?

Aqua Velva Legacy

Aqua Velva’s new commercial “The Stash” seems designed to provoke. What do you think?

Legacy: A Grandfather’s Gift to a Grandson He Never Met


Phillip Le connected with his grandfather through stories, technology, and gung fu. And he is ever grateful for that rich inheritance.

How To Leave Your Legacy

photo kevin dooley

Eric Leech believes you should not only create your legacy. You should live it.

Children Will Listen


Greg White spent a summer teaching a ten-year-old nephew to run, and changed both their lives.

What Is the True Measure of a Man?


We can’t choose our fathers, but we can find our own role models, says Donald D’Haene, who found inspiration in the real and scripted lives of Sidney Poitier.

49 Things You Must Tell Your Baby


Tell her everything now, while she’s listening.

Dear Dad


We both became adversaries with our ego, to see which one would crumble first.

What’s in a Mane?


Greg White’s Delilah was a leather-clad hairdresser named Lorenzo.