An Officer and a Gentleman

‘A man cannot be defined in one word,’ says Dana Delgardo, a transgender man who is finally living his life, his way.

Sexuality: What’s In A Label?

I hate labels. I’ve said that before right? So instead of a label I’ll just describe myself. I am a woman who is involved in the most emotionally and sexually rewarding relationship I have even been in.

Why We Fear Transpersons

What is it about some becoming who “they” were truly meant to be that frightens society?

I May Not Think Like Other Men But I Really Like Being Married

If you are going to get married (even more than once) marry the woman that understand and completes you.

Comment of the Day: ‘She’s still the same person, but I just know a little more about her.’

One reader responds to a fellow man whose wife came out as a lesbian.

Alarming Research and The Relatively Young History of Homophobia

Christopher MacNeil on that rather new life of homophobia plaguing our society.

I Have a Daughter. . .and a Daughter-in-Law. . . They’re Both Married. . . To Each Other

Merv Kaufman finds life as a dad in the 21st century different than he imagined. And, boy, is he happy about it.

A Case for LGBTQ History in Schools

LGBTQ experiences stand as integral strands in the overall multicultural rainbow. Everyone has a right to information that clarifies and explains these histories.

Sense8: A Sign Of The Changing Times

Not for Everyone, the show definitely seizes upon the changing attitudes of society.

The Man, the Examined Life, and My Own Heterocentricity

There is nothing so binding and divisive as our own perception of how things should be. But what do you do, as Jeremy McKeen uncovers, when you are the majority of the world’s ruling niche? — What does a Hooters full of lesbians, a bus full of Princeton University alumni, and a beach full of […]

My Experience of “Awkward Gender Moments” Should Matter to People Other Than Me

The seemingly benign moments do in fact matter.

8 Things You Should Know About Same Sex Divorce

Everything you need to know in a same-sex divorce, from child custody to medical decisions.

Can Walmart Become an Agent for Social Change?

Can a shift in culture remake Walmart as an agent for social change?

What to Do When Your Friend Comes Out to You

3 simple ways to be supportive when your friend tells you he or she is gay.

Love Has No Labels

Watch what happens when the skeletons step out from behind the screen.

After 33 Years of Marriage, My Wife Came Out

Can this reader’s marriage be saved? Amy Daves tries to help him sort it all out.