Marriage Equality Just Got a Little More Complicated

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Tweet In just a few days, six new lawsuits regarding marriage equality have popped up around the country.  — Six new lawsuits, really? Really, gay and lesbian couples? Is this really the way you want to be doing things? In the span of just a few days, six new lawsuits have popped up around the […]

Confessions From A Lesbian: Why I Used to Hate Men

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Regina Cates once hated men for good reasons, but here is why they are now her closest friends in the world. I used to hate men. Maybe that is the stereotypical view men have about gay women, that we’re men haters, diesel dykes, and frustrated spinsters. But my reasons for starting out life hating men were valid.

What if YOUR Kid is the Bully???

No one wants to hear that their kid is a bully.

Tanya Dodd-Hise of The Next Family was faced with a dilemma when she was informed that her son was bullying others.

Ellen Page Comes Out As Gay In This Must-Watch Inspirational Speech (Video)


Ellen Page rocked the world over the weekend when she came out as a gay woman. Her words will hit you harder.

Queer Nation NY Teaching Sochi To Sing . . . In Perfect Harmony?

Queer Nation Sochi

Queer Nation NY’s Satirical Ad Campaign #CheersToSochi Takes Aim at Putin and Corporate Sponsors of the Sochi Olympics

Look to LGBQ and Older Couples for Good Relationship Advice


In a society where much research has been conducted into the stresses on relationships and marriage breakdowns, these new findings reveal some positive and affirming things about couples.

How to Tell Someone’s Sexual Orientation by Appearance Alone

Think you can tell just by looking?

Think you can do it? This handy guide might help you navigate these tricky waters.

15% Of People Think Bisexuality Isn’t A Thing

Photo: Peter Salanki/Flickr.

People who hotly deny bisexuality might want to do some thinking about why the idea bothers them so much.

Your Son Is Teased for Wearing Nail Polish… What Should You Do?

The Fosters

Ari Isaacman Astles wonders…what would you say to your son if he came home with nail polish on?

Her Name is Elizabeth. It Used to Be Edward.

Thank you, Beth.

JJ Vincent hopes that one day, the stigma the surrounds dating transwomen will be a thing of the past.

What is a Feminist? New Yorkers Respond.


Stereotypes of feminism come front in center when the question is taken to the streets of New York.

Why I Wish Gay Churches Didn’t Have to Exist


What if our churches took Jesus seriously when he said to love one another just like he loves us?

Exodus International’s Alan Chambers: Bending History’s Arc


This shift is both seismic and historic in the ongoing effort to bring all voices of faith into a more unified chorus, all calling for the affirmation, acceptance and unconditional love of all of God’s created.

“My ex-wife knew, on some level, that I was gay, at the time we got married. We both were in such denial.”


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Students Victimized for Perceived Sexual Orientation

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A new study finds that students bullied because they are believed to be gay are much more likely than others to be suicidal and depressed.

For The Love Of God, Please Stop Saying “Bromance”


Kate Conway explains how the “bromance” label implies that the deepest emotional connection a straight guy can form with someone else is to date them.