Why We Have Regret


Why regret eats many of us alive.

Don’t Forget to Perform Maintenance on Your Marriage (A Lesson I Learned the Hard Way)

Love is being stupid together by nattu

Derrick Dupuis wished that someone would have explained how to create a marriage that works for both people. Now he would like you to use him as a cautionary tale.

A China Cup and a Warrior’s Advice

A China Cup and a Warriors Advice

Kieran Plasto, with two must-haves for when your world turns bullets and bombs.

Change Starts With Me

Knee injury photo by intangible

A dislocated knee helped Christian Clifton realize that whatever blame can be placed at the time of a traumatic incident, it is up to him to take the actions needed to heal.

“Women are not the benchmark for manhood.”


This is a comment by Danny on the post “A Curriculum of Male Mentorship: 1/5″.

The Blinker

photo by jessicafm

Lisa Hickey reflects on a very simple invention and gains an insight.