Almost Normal

almost normal photo by wwworks

People who are “normal” often don’t even know what that feels like.

Why We Have Regret


Why regret eats many of us alive.

Don’t Forget to Perform Maintenance on Your Marriage (A Lesson I Learned the Hard Way)

Love is being stupid together by nattu

Derrick Dupuis wished that someone would have explained how to create a marriage that works for both people. Now he would like you to use him as a cautionary tale.

A China Cup and a Warrior’s Advice

A China Cup and a Warriors Advice

Kieran Plasto, with two must-haves for when your world turns bullets and bombs.

Change Starts With Me

Knee injury photo by intangible

A dislocated knee helped Christian Clifton realize that whatever blame can be placed at the time of a traumatic incident, it is up to him to take the actions needed to heal.

“Women are not the benchmark for manhood.”


This is a comment by Danny on the post “A Curriculum of Male Mentorship: 1/5″.

The Blinker

photo by jessicafm

Lisa Hickey reflects on a very simple invention and gains an insight.