An Open Letter to My Long-Term Now Ex-Girlfriend on her Wedding Day


Life takes us to places we sometimes don’t understand. But that doesn’t mean we can’t accept it.

A Dad’s Postcard to the World on Behalf of His Un-Born Child


Jeremy McKeen of Nerdy Dad Shirt was inspired to give some direction to the world as his newest child was on her way into it. We need to listen to him.

You Are About to Remember


A letter from a father to himself (before he was a dad).

Reaching out to the “Elliots” of the world

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Danny writes a letter to Elliot Rodger in hopes that someone else might see themselves in that situation and get the help they need.

Dear Dad: A Letter to the Father I Never Met

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Christian Clifton thinks about the impact an absent father had on his life — and finds peace in forgiveness.

Apologies of an Absent Father to His Son

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Pete Wilson, with a poem to his teenage son whom he hasn’t seen in years.

A Teenage Boy’s Letter to His Older Brother Leaving Home

boys letter to his brother by author

Gabriel Goldstein sends off his older brother to military service with a moving portrait of their brotherly bond.

Dear Son, 5 Secrets I Wish I Knew Before Marriage

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This is the letter my dad would have written to his son if he knew what I know now.

Dear Son: There’s Life Outside a Glowing Screen

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D. Alva reminds her son about the differences between real life and virtual life.

A Millennial’s Cover Letter to Future Employers

millenial in office photo by Victor 1558

Christian Clifton writes his pitch to change the minds of employers.

An Open Letter to My Son About Sex

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“Your greatest challenge will be to honor the erotic feelings and desires that will come up inside you while also staying fully present and respectful.” Janis Whitlock, in a letter to her son.

A Letter to Freddy, My Beautiful Six-Week-Old Son


Dan Mac is in his seventh week of fatherhood. And he’s captivated by all of it.

Congressman Uses Teaching Experience To Grade GOP Harshly


Mark Takano treated a Congressional letter as a student assignment, with hilarious results.

A Letter to my Son About Love

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As a father, I have no say in my son’s love life. And that is exactly the way it should be.

“When Is It OK to Call Someone Black?”

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“We must devise strategies to keep naming, interpreting, and confronting racism”. Beth Balliro answers a question sent to Steve Locke.

You Done Good, Honey. A Father Salutes His Daughter Graduating 5th Grade

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Patrick Canadey, with a letter to his daughter upon her promotion from elementary school.