A Letter From My Forgotten Father

I didn’t want to be your grandfather, but somehow I turned out to be just like him. ___ To my always son, You’re reading this because I am not there right now. It isn’t fair. I know it isn’t. I didn’t want to be your grandfather, but somehow I turned out to be just like […]

How did the Ancient Athenians Raise their Sons?

There can be much to learn from our cultural and philosophical forefathers in ancient Greece, even when it comes to how to raise our own sons.

Kafka’s Other Trial: The Letters to Felice

Jesse Kornbluth reviews Elias Canetti’s book on the life of a deeply divided man.

Love Letters

The tragedy of national and family histories collide in Jung Hae Chae’s tribute to her grandmother.

Dear Me (Or Six Tips on How to Survive the Worst Years of Your Life)

Reading this letter will leave you inspired and heartbroken all at once.

Going Public: Xe Sands Reads a Letter From Steinbeck to His Son

Now see? This is what a father should say, although free association will also get you pretty far…

One Foot Out the Door

Jackson Bliss answers his first letter for the Verbose Love Junkie Column

To my Son… Love, Your Dad

One five year old’s superhero is slowly running out of time. Read this father’s letter to his growing boy.

Ten Things I’ve Learned From Mail-Outs

Josh Bowman has licked his share of envelopes, applied his share of stamps, and affixed his share of labels. Here are some of the things he has learned from putting together mailings.

For The Sender: an Interview With Alex Woodard

What if Grammy-winning, platinum-selling artists turned your story into a song?

All the Cool Kids Are Doing It: The Gay Dads Project Letter From Amie to Jared

Jared Karol had to broach the subject of his gay father more than once with his co-worker, Amie Shea, before she wanted to open up about her own gay dad.

Having a Gay Dad: Once a Stigma, Now a Source of Pride: Jared Replies to Amie

Jared Karol on dealing separately with the confusion of having a gay father, and the man his father was.

The Gay Dad Project Letters: Jared’s Response to Erin

When you’re a teenager and your father comes out as gay, you can end up feeling like there’s no one you can tell. Erin and Jared exchange letters about their experiences as the children of gay men.

The Gay Dad Project Letters

Your dad is gay, too? How Jared, Erin, and Amie found each other and created a project for families like theirs.

Two Men and a Baby

Nick Florest is inspired by the way his childhood friend has risen to the challenge of fatherhood.

Where Did My Dreams Go?

Jeff Jackson writes an open letter to Hannah Rosin about “The End of Men.”