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What’s the Weirdest Coincidence of Your Life?

I wasn’t giving the show my entire attention, since I was “multitasking” with several different apps open on my computer as I watched/listened.

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Keith asks, “Is the casual sex marketplace heavily biased against men?”

This is a comment by Keith, John, and John D on the post “On Women and Casual Sex – Part II: Flings, One Night Stands and Same Night Lays”.

Culture: Komplicated Comes To WonderCon 2012 [@papadocabraxas]

Continuing to branch out and show the world just how nerdy we are at the roots, folks from Komplicated will be making appearances at WonderCon 2012 at the Anaheim Convention Center March 16-18.

Could AEG Bring Pro Football Back to Los Angeles?

AEG and the NFL want to bring a team—probably either the Vikings or Jaguars—to L.A. But it’s not that simple.