Why Men Don’t Always Want Sex

Believe it or not, men are not always in the mood. Sex educator Ken Melvoin-Berg helps turn this unfortunate situation into an opportunity for exploration and fun.

Erectile Dysfunction: When Pills Don’t Work and Surgery (Yeah, You’d Rather Not)

What if there were a drug-free—incision-free!—way to obtain and maintain erections? There is.

The Psychology of Erectile Dysfunction

For 25 percent of men with ED, medication can be ineffective—since their difficulties are largely psychological. To avoid performance anxiety, men and their partners should reframe their ideas of good sex.

Test-Driving the Little Blue Pills

“I was a convert, fallen hard, singing out my lungs, marching my way to the Tabernacle.”

Boner in a Bottle

The truth about how advertisers sold us on ED pills isn’t very sexy. Is our sexual wellbeing at risk? What about our partners’?

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To the Media: Stop Suppressing ‘Viagra for Women’

In 2010, we ought to publicly acknowledge what most of us already know in our private lives: women are our sexual equals, and their pleasure is our pleasure.