A Thanksgiving Chant From the Soul of a Rebel Poet

Walter Beck is a poet who is not here to conform to anyone’s notions of a man. Gratitude is a convention he can live with however, and he expresses his here, in a chant that only Walter can do.

I am Grateful My Doctor Made Me Come Out

Sophomore Magazine’s Garrett McDonnell had never been “outed” before, but then his doctor backed him into a corner. Coming out was the right thing to do. Here’s why.

Dear Boy I Used to Be, You’re on the Road to Being a Good Man

As he nears his 45th birthday he has a message for his 13 year-old self about mistakes, parents, sexuality, and science.

An Open Letter To The Mormon Church

Christopher Macneil believes the Mormon Church has strayed from a moral path.

Dear Closeted Gay Christian Teen

Growing up gay in the Christian faith leaves some teens feeling isolated and fearful. Advice from someone who’s been there.

Pride Goes Pro: Aussie Footballers to Play Pride-Themed Game in 2016 Regular Season

In May, David Saunders reported on a suburban Australian football game played to promote tolerance and understanding of gay and lesbian participation in sport. Next season, two pro teams, St Kilda and Sydney Swans, will play a pride-themed game for premiership points. __ Last week was a good one to be a fan of Australian […]

This is What a Gay Hero Looks Like

Why is it easier to applaud the “traditionally masculine” male who comes out as gay or trans? Why not support all LGBTQ heroes?

Religious Freedom May Already Have Doomed Indiana’s Governor

Is putting private prejudice above voting constituencies worth the price?

Asexuals: Not Everyone Likes Sex

If sex without love exists, why can’t love without sex exist? It does, and it can, asserts one man who identifies as asexual.

Why Coming Out Day Still Matters

For trans people and asexuals, coming out isn’t just about visibility. It’s survival.

A Gay Dad Shares the 9 Things You Do NOT Want to Do When Coming Out of the Closet

Rob Watson is a gay dad, and a man who knows what the coming out process is all about. He has learned it more from his mistakes than his wisdom. He shares the 9 biggest mistakes he made with you here.

Why Coming Out Matters

“Come out to your relatives…come out to your friends…if indeed they are your friends. Come out to your neighbors…to your fellow workers…to the people who work where you eat and shop…”—Harvey Milk

How a Gay Dad Comes Out Today – and Every Day

After Ian Colvin came out many years ago as a gay man, he thought the conversation was over. Today, on National Coming Out Day, he realizes it is an ever-present discussion. Here is how it goes.

What if Gay Dads Reacted to Their Kid Coming Out As Some Straight Parents Do

Check out this short film, “Coming In” and find out!

Are you REALLY Pro-Life?

Most people who identify as pro-life are only pro-baby. The responsibility is a much bigger commitment than simply holding a sign.

Diversity is Good Thing, and Europe is in the Lead

LGBT rights protected, legal same-sex marriage, even the option to not check the gender box. These countries get it right.