I Am What I Am When I Am It


James Blakely explores what it means when the typical labels about sexuality don’t fit.

I Remember When AIDS Was Terrifying

aids picture

AIDS may not be the crisis-of-the-day, but Grace de Rond reminds us of how it still affects lives and how it can be prevented.

My experience with Jealousy in Our Open Relationship


Agreeing to an open relationship and welcoming another woman into the relationship turned out to be two different things.

How a High School Wrestler Came Out to His Homophobic Coach


Wrestling is serious business at Don Bosco. So is coming out to your coach, especially when he’s also your dad.

A Dad Tells How the Adoption Phone Call Instantly Changed His Life


Sean O’Donnell was one phone call away from an instantaneous change in his life. Because it had happened once before did not seem to matter. Here’s why.

#62: A Brave Teen Comes Out to His Grandmother


“Grandma, I’m a good person and always try to do the right thing. How can you tell your own grandson that he is demonic?” I said. “Well,” she said, “the truth hurts.”

6 Reasons Why Being Called “Cis” is Not Oppressive

man woman sign

James St. James challenges the notion that the term “cisgender” adds to divisions between people, and suggests the term can help encourage healing.

Nowhere to Go

Gay shopping

Allen Fraser Clark captures the frustration and desire of young men, eager for sexual expression and frightened by it.

Can Walmart Become an Agent for Social Change?


Can a shift in culture remake Walmart as an agent for social change?

A Man in California Wants to Kill My Son


Amelia knew her son might be bullied. She never imagined something like this might ever be proposed.

Presbyterian Church (USA) Decision Expands the Meaning and Malleability of Marriage

marriage equality

The Presbyterian Church (USA) vote to allow gay marriage will have multiple consequences now and in decades to come.

It’s Time for Civil Disobedience in Indiana

Gay Rights

It is time to bring the nonviolent protests of the 1960s civil rights movement to anti-gay Indiana.

Mater, Maritatus


Dakota Garilli writes of boys, their mothers, and “how we learn /of love.”

I Call Myself #DeliciouslyDisabled


By changing what we say, we can change how others see us…and how we see ourselves.

No Elegies for Porn Stars

Seen at the scene

Dean Kostos’s newest book, This is Not a Skyscraper, contains many gems. This reflection on a porn watcher’s sense of entitlement to the attention of a neighborhood porn star–“earned by years of yearning”–is one such standout.

Why Pronouns Matter For Trans People

pronoun still

If gender pronouns confuse you, or if you think it’s not important to get it right, you need to watch this.