We Need More Gay Scenes Like This on TV

Empire, one of the most high-profile shows in prime time, also has some of the most progressive gay scenes on TV.

Forever and Ever: Losing My Husband at 24

“If it turns out that this is incurable, would you marry me?” is not your traditional marriage proposal, but then again, Andy and I haven’t lived traditional lives.

Oh, Unrequited Love

Sami Jankins discusses how to move on from someone who doesn’t return the feelings you have for them.

The Day My Daughter Came Out As Pansexual

Rick Sanchez discusses his 14-year-old daughter’s revelation that she is pansexual.

My Reality: 10 Truths About Being Black in America

The purse clutch. Being a fetish. LeRon Barton talks about what it really means to be black in America.

Bigotry & Repression in “Religious” Guise

Kim Davis has yet to satisfactorily answer what kind of good does withholding a marriage license and the dream of a life together for a same-sex couple produce?

The Evolution of Same-Sex Love in Country Music

Country radio is often characterized as a timid artistic wasteland, and not without reason. But country’s increasing connection to pop has perhaps given it a bit more flexibility in regards to gender and sexuality than it once did.

How to Upgrade Your Sexual Operating System for Maximum Fulfillment

Here’s how your intimate relationship can be the source of lifelong fulfillment and satisfaction.

I’m Still Your Dad: Fears of Coming Out Trans To My Step-Son

His stepson knows he’s a a sex educator and LGBTQ activist, but how does he explain that he is also transgender

Why This Son Loves His Parents and the Family They Made

There is no one definition of family. Daniel Student learned this as his reshaped after the death of his father.

From India, With Pride

We may want our wedding cakes…in India, they just want to be legal. The not-so “miniscule minority” has some things to say.

The 3 Biggest Things I Learned From My First Sex Party

Jordan Gray says that it took being in a room with over a hundred naked people to teach him these three valuable lessons.

Comics For Anyone Struggling To Explain What It Means To Be Queer

We may be growing in visibility, but it doesn’t mean we don’t sometimes feel alone.

A Lesson in Confronting Homophobia in the Classroom

When performing teaching artist Karen Anzoategui was faced with a student who admitted to being homophobic, their response was not what anyone expected.

Not Long Ago I Couldn’t Get Married, And I’m Straight

Marriage didn’t include me until SCOTUS changed everything (48 years ago)

Marriage Equality Is But One Paving Stone on Path toward Social Justice

Yes, the Supreme Court’s decision was historic, but we — as a nation — have much farther to go on the path to social justice.